05.21.2017 02:16 PM

Donald Trump is the Anti-Christ

As my kids will tell you, I actually believe he is. I’m a Catholic, and I believe in God and the Devil and all that. I therefore also believe there is an anti-Christ and, based on the available evidence, his name is Donald Trump. He is the Beast. 

Want proof? Okay. Forget about his attacks on the Pope. Forget about his shredding of the Commandments (all of them, I bet). Forget about all that. 

Take a look at the Book of Revelation, where the Unpresident is anticipated with impressive portentousness. Take a look at this, too: “The coming of the lawless one is apparent in the working of Satan, who uses all power, signs, lying wonders, and every kind of wicked deception for those who are perishing, because they refused to love the truth and so be saved.” That’s from Thessalonians, folks. It practically reads like Trump’s C.V. 

Frank Bruno, the New York Times columnist who I aspire to be but will never be, has this to say today about Agent Orange’s world religions tour, here:

His own relationship with the Almighty has not always taken obvious or typical forms. Although he was brought up Presbyterian, the Manhattan church that he attended, Marble Collegiate, was best known for its celebrity preacher, Norman Vincent Peale, who marketed and monetized the power of positive thinking.

“Attitudes are more important than facts,” Peale asserted. Little Donald listened well.

And Big Donald went on to treat the Commandments as if they weren’t etched in stone but doodled in disappearing ink. He stiffed creditors, made a mockery of the truth and publicly boasted about his promiscuity. He never talked all that much about religion, not until the campaign. Even then the results were interesting.

He referred to the sacraments as if they were pets: “my little wine,” “my little cracker.” Instead of citing “Second Corinthians,” he said, “Two Corinthians,” so that Corinthians sounded like a matched set.
Questioned about the circumstances in which he might gaze heavenward for expiation, he said he didn’t “bring God into that picture.”

But my favorite of his spiritual musings came when he was asked, on the Christian Broadcasting Network, “Who is God to you?”

“God is the ultimate,” he answered. “Nobody, no thing, there’s nothing like God.”

The angels wept.


Why did “Evangelical Christians” vote for him in such numbers, you ask? Because they love jerks like ComradeTrump, that’s why. Serial thieves/perverts/fraudsters like Jim Bakker, Jimmy Swaggart, Jerry Falwell were just warm-up acts for the presidential anti-Christ. The Evangekicals adored them, too. 

Anyhow. Donald Trump is indeed the anti-Christ. Trust me on this.  And, apropos the times, “the mark of the Beast” isn’t 666. It’s this. 

Know him by it. 


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    the salamander says:

    .. bb but I thought Bob Schieffer (whomever he is, or was)
    said Trump sounded ‘presidential’ during his big Saudi Arabia speech?
    Thus right there next to godliness or shooting par golf
    without needing your foot mashie or a strong throw
    from one of those deep sandtraps where nobody can see you

    Surely its a positive sign.. that Trump is ‘getting it’ .. ?
    And his wondrous fervent followers will follow toute suite?
    I mean.. they’re all devout.. right? True chistians eh.

    Well.. I was once a catholic, survived nasty nuns
    and the violent Chritian Brothers of De La Salle
    the bizzaro aspects of St Michael’s Choir ‘try outs’
    & awkward grooming attempts by priests upon altar boys

    Dunno what was so remarkably ‘christian’ about all that stuff
    but what th hey.. surely it was all well intended
    just like the Residential Schools.. saving Indians from themselves
    and the burning bush, parting the Red Sea, the Virgin Birth
    Moses & the Bullrushers ? Or 3 wiseguys.. ? Well uh..

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    Terence Quinn says:

    this adds some humour to the Trump thing:


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    Lance says:


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    Shawn says:

    Someone getting lots of sun this long weekend? The mark of the beast will be the chip in your bank card or one embeded in your hand. I don’t have time to look up revelations but it goes something like this “he who does not have the mark of the beast will not buy, sell or trade. And there is a big push for a cashless scociety. The anti Christ will come from an Island.

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      Kevin says:


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      PJ says:

      Isn’t Manhattan, the location of the Trump Organization & residence, an island?

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    Kevin says:

    Well, definitely a psychopath. And to echo Ana Navarro, not fit to be called a man. But the anti-Christ? You’re too kind.

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    Craig McKie says:

    You are certainly entitled to believe anything you want about the nature of human lives and the putative role of Satan. But the rest of us will still concentrate on Trump’s manifold incompetence, treason, sedition, criminality and a host of other real world crimes. Its quite possible that Donald J. is simply insane; he is after all 70 years old, and thus eligible for Medicaid treatment for his mental condition. Who knows; in the end who cares. He must be removed from office and not replaced by the odious M. Pence.

    How do you do that? Inquiring minds want to know. I am hoping for an interim govt pending a special election in 2018. Not sure the Merkans are up to such an obvious solution nor is there a provision in their benighted constitution. Actually may be time for the 2nd Republic. With the Jesuit FBI agent Comey on the warpath who knows what may now unfold. The whole schmozzle could collapse I would dare to hope……

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    Ray says:

    Nah. Too many people see right through his baloney.
    The AC would be far more strategic.

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    Ted H says:

    To paraphrase the Bible on this issue “Beware the one who comes in his own name”. Describes Trump to a T doesn’t it? (Pardon the pun)

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    Al in Cranbrook says:

    One might argue that the principle reason the world is in a state of eternal turmoil is that people can’t separate mythology from the actual history, in large part because for thousands of years the only thing people have ever been told or taught is myth, or in the very least, history salted with myth that inevitably serves one purpose or another. The essence of all religion (or political endeavor) is a good story. Then disseminate, rally the troops around it, and go forth and conquer. For every hero, there is a villain, and for every saint, there is a devil. Such is the reality of duality, and thus such is the history of Judaism/Christianity for the last 4000 years…not at all unlike any other religious/political movement. Whenever considering what is actual history, and what is mythology, always remember that the victors write the history books.

    And so we read that Moses sent Joshua into the promised land, where his army pretty much destroyed everything, and killed every living being, including women and children, who would not commit to their new order of things, as they believed they were so instructed to do by their God…or so they were told by the very few who could actually read anything. (Sound familiar?)

    Fast forward to Jerusalem, where Hebrews/Jews have been repeatedly conquered and victimized (what goes around, comes around?), the latest events involving Romans. Having a cultural memory of better days when David was doing the conquering, Jews were on a literally constant hunt for the next David (a direct descendant seemed like a good place to start), or “Messiah”, who would once again deliver them from evil (the Romans) and reunite them into a powerful and feared force, so that everyone would finally leave them alone for a change! Perhaps Jesus was, more than anything else, politically savvy, for he came up with the idea that the Romans and their conquering ways weren’t just bad news for Jews, but lots of other peoples, too. So he and his band of followers spread a new message (or if you will, mythology) of different kind of God, One without prejudice, to both Jews and Gentiles. And they took this message right into the heart of enemy territory, Rome itself…strategically brilliant, if not damned well dangerous! In those days, not so unlike many other times since, martyrdom was a powerful means by which to prove one really, really was sincere and meant what they said. Wrap a good story (mythology) around it, and, with any luck at all, we’re off to the races.

    The next six hundred years (the Dark Ages) for the most part involve a battle for supremacy over the masses of followers, primarily between the orthodox institution centered in Rome and that of Gnosticism. The biggest heat score between them was, not surprisingly, that Rome preached that one gets to Heaven only by way of the Church, kindly drop a shekel in the plate on your way out, while the Gnostic mindset, not unlike Buddhism, was that nobody needs a church and/or its inevitable institutionalized hierarchies to know God on some level. In the end, Rome won, and it left the charred and mutilated bones of millions of…infidels?…spread across Europe in case there was ever any doubt. Various Inquisitions that followed over the next 1000 years were, at their core, pretty much an ongoing mop-up operation.

    Then some sonuvabitch created the printing press, people learned how to read books for themselves, but first and foremost the Bible, and everything basically went straight to hell for The Church of Rome.

    Point being: History is, if nothing else, about mythology, the useful tool of ideology, primarily as the great motivator of the unwashed masses. Will this ever change? Not in our lifetimes – see exhibit A: The Internet. Latest version: Global Warming/Climate Change.

    And Trump is just another guy, trying to do what he thinks is best, and who caught the imagination of millions of people who pretty much had a gut full of the status quo. The proverbial pendulum swings, as far in one direction as it came from in the other. Think about that.

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    Innocent III says:

    To be clear, Chief Magistrate, the Book of Revelations is not a catalogue of prophecies from which one can select whatever one feels best meets the current age. It is a highly symbolic poem that is dealing with profound issues facing the Church some years after the Lord’s Ascension. Furthermore, while I have no wish to be seen as justifying or explaining Mr Trump’s pronouncements on Christianity, politics, women, etc., I think it is unfair to expect him to have a sure grasp of Biblical history or Church doctrine. This is not a dogmatic age. Please consider how you explicate your own position: ‘I believe in God and the Devil and all that…’

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    MaryLS says:

    Really, I think Obama is a far better fit for the anti-christ. Trump may be a bumbler, but he is not evil, no matter how hard the media works to demonize him.

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    L.G. Swift says:

    Please excuse me while I read the Bible and see what it says and who to worship. Thank you for asking, but I do not worship President Donald J Trump or any other man. Trump certainly meets all requirements of being the Anti-Christ, though. (Imho); and anyone who worships him or idolizes him is like wise.

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    L.G. Swift says:

    Mankind may indeed be living in the ‘last days, as there is certainly enough false prophets either living or waiting in hell for judgement.

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    L.G. Swift says:

    God is not the author of confusion. But of a sound mind.

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    L.G. Swift says:

    Thank you ‘warrenkinsella’, for allowing others to post on your website. May God bless.

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