05.17.2017 07:51 PM

Frame this. Cherish this. 

Tonight, the United States of America is again a nation of laws. 


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    Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Don’t rule out Trump being stupid enough to try and force Rosenstein at some point to fire Mueller. Rosenstein won’t do it but a lacky can be found to do Trump’s dirty work.

    Of course, Trump is finished if he tries to upset the rule of law.

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    PJ says:

    This is the beginning of the end for Trump. I have a feeling the more Mueller digs the more he will find and he will feel compelled to do the right thing. Recall in Watergate, it was not the break-in that did Nixon in. It was not even the cover up per se, but his obstruction of justice in wanting to fire the Special Prosecutor. Nixon had enough sense to resign to save his hide. I don’t know that Trump has the foresight to do that.

    On a related matter, I think the Republican Party needs to go down with Trump. The GOP establishment had the power to stop Trump, by conceding the Presidential election to HRC, by repudiating Putin’s interference in the election on a bipartisan basis. Mitch McConnell chose to look the other way in the lust for power, and he told Obama if the Whitehouse unilaterally goes public re Russian interference in the election, he would accuse the Democrats of partisan politics.
    How many times did the GOP refuse to denounce Trump and kept saying the “He is not a politician”

    If Trump is being investigating, then Pence must also be investigated, for it begs the question “What did Pence know and when did he know it?”

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      doconnor says:

      When Trump is removed it will split the Republican Party. That has been inevitable since he won the election.

      The reason they have been supporting him so far is to get as much of thier agenda through as possible before that happens.

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    The Ferguson Rifleman says:

    Yeah, yeah, yeah.

    As Gord notes – if skeletons start getting dragged out for public display, the Donks have a helluva lot more to hid than the repubs. Hell – you should know that yourself Warren. I know in your day you could get away with it to an extent because of the media are liberal lickspittles… but today all Trump has to do is go on Twitter and YOUR dirty laundry is out there for everyone to see too! Do you REALLY want a nation of laws, Warren? Welp – let’s talk about ALL the stuff that never made it out to the public – like the Donks mixed up in the so-called ‘Pizzagate’ affair…?

    LOL. This will be nothing than another smear campaign in which the leftists and their media slobs go insane and nobody notices – because the real stories will be discussed in the social media.

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    Luke says:

    This is a promising development. I wish for a thorough, accurate, and expeditious investigation.

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    John says:

    I hope Mueller hires Sally Yates and James Comey for his team.

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    Phil says:

    Here’s a recent gallup poll. If you scroll down to the “Donald Trump Job Approval by Party Identification, 2017” section, it lists Trump’s approval rating among Republicans as 84% for May 8 – 14 2017.


    IMHO, that explains a few things.

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