05.07.2017 09:39 AM

New York Times: The Rebel is “far-Right,” and is aiding a white supremacist 

…and, their “Washington correspondent” is involved in illegal hacking. See the full Times story, here.

The Rebel’s support for white supremacy and the Holocaust-denying National Front should surprise no one who has been paying attention lately – as seen here. Given what I used to believe about their founder, that surprises and disappoints me. But it’s real. 

So The Rebel has fully embraced the dark side. That matters, and that will have real consequences for all of them. 

But it also matters in this way: The Rebel initially promoted itself as a legitimate news organization. Many of us therefore (reluctantly) came to their defence when they were denied press credentials at the Alberta Legislature by the Notley government. 

Well, the Notley government was right – The Rebel is no news organization. It is a far-Right propaganda vehicle that trades in illegally-obtained material. 

It should be accredited as a news organization nowhere in Canada. 

New York Times: The Rebel is a far-Right organization that trades in illegal material.

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    Miles Lunn says:

    Rebel has increasingly become a hate site for the far right. Ezra Levant has always been a fringe kooky type, although originally he was more a typical Reformer, whereas now seems more a hatemonger. Anyways Le Pen got her butt kicked much to the Rebel chargin and it seems most on there are driven more by hate than facts. Consider this, Macron is pro free trade and more pro free market than Le Pen is so you would think traditional conservatives, at least what they were like in the past would prefer him over Le Pen, but most Rebel media viewer types are driven more by their hatred of Muslims and other non-white people over any economic argument. Hopefully it gets bankrupted much like Sun News and the Western Standard. Canada after all is not a hard right country and so hopefully the free market will kill the Rebel. That would be poetic justice.

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