05.18.2017 09:28 PM

Rebel, Rebel, they’re gonna put you down

Sleeping Giants, having hammered Breitbart’s bottom line,, has turned its sights on The Rebel.  This won’t end well. 

For The Rebel. 



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    talltexan says:

    Thanks for telling me about this, will be on Daily Kos soon.

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    albertaD says:

    My first experience with online activism was compelling corporations to remove their advertising from Ann Coulter’s website when she went all homophobic at that year’s big GOP event. Almost every company’s initial response to an email was “we have no control over where the ads appear”. But after demonstrating that the placement of the ad violated THEIR OWN TERMS OF SERVICE AND PUBLIC MANDATE about equality and defamatory speech that targeted specific groups, they sure did something about it. Especially after getting a few thousand emails…. or even better, screen shots of other corporations that HAD pulled their ads even after saying it was impossible.

    In a few hours we had crashed Coulter’s site and all of her corporate ads – except Amazon – were gone.

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    Phil says:

    The Mother Jones article notes that Ottawa based Shopify is a current BrietBart enabler:

    MJ: I noticed from your Twitter feed that you also started a campaign against the e-commerce platform Shopify.

    SG: Yes, that’s another one. Shopify basically serves up the platform for Breitbart to sell all their merchandise. They’re allowing Breitbart to use their platform to make more money and print more inflammatory articles.

    MJ: Shopify responded, right? And they argued it was important to protect free speech?

    SG: Yeah, which is bullshit. Number one, hate speech is different than free speech. If you’re targeting a certain group of people on purpose and aiming your readership at them, that’s hate speech. It’s pretty simple. Number two, you’re making money off of this. That to us doesn’t wash.

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