05.05.2017 12:19 PM

Ten (personal) reasons I want the BC NDP to lose

Now in HuffPo.

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    will says:

    B.C.’s electoral districts were redrawn prior to the 1991 general election by Social Credit government. Action was initiated by Premier Bill Vander Zalm, and then significantly altered as a result of BC Supreme Court decision in case brought by the B.C. Civil Liberties Association. (Decision was written by Beverley McLachlin, since 2000 the Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Canada.)

    Biggest change was to abolish multi-member electoral districts and attempt to provide population equality among ridings.

    B.C.’s provincial electoral boundaries remained in place in 1991 and 1996, then were redrawn prior to 2001 general election.

    Exceptionally inaccurate to state that NDP ‘gerrymandered’ provincial electoral districts to ensure Glen Clark victory in 1996. (Boundaries were the same as in 1991.)

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    Liam Young says:

    So … you hate the NDP. I get it.
    I honestly have no opinion on the matter (ie. who I think should win), but I have a question that you can help me (and maybe millions of BCers) with: who is trust-worthy and electable in BC? The Clark Liberals are proving time and again that they are more corrupt than some of the worst banana republics in modern history.
    Is there a Conservative party in BC?
    Someone else?

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    Alex says:

    I want the B.C. NDP to lose for a completely different reason: i.e. I want Rachel Notley to succeed in Alberta. While the Alberta NDP will probably lose the next election, their chances of being reelected will likely drop to zero if John Horgan becomes premier, as he will fight the construction of a pipeline.

    Every political party has goods guys and bad guys. The NDP is no different. Though Dave Barrett served only one term as premier he was great; Glen Clark, on the other hand, arguably did more damage than Bob Rae in Ontario. If I still lived in B.C. I would vote for the Greens. While it is certainly time for a change, the B.C. NDP of today cannot be trusted with power.

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