06.08.2017 08:06 AM

As I predicted 

Here. You’re welcome.


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    P. Brenn says:

    just numbers on paper right now …been going on for decades through liberal and conservative governments…when it comes to all things military we have difficulty sticking to a 2 year plan – 20…we shall she..our military personnel deserve it and Canada needs it …right message at least ..got to start soemwhere…

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    Matt says:

    Well, over the next 20 years.

    Announcements like this for military spending have a long history of not happening. Governments inevitably get into financial situations and planned military spending is the first to get dumped down the crapper. Both Liberal and Conservative governments have done it. Remember in the last budget the Liberals “postponed” over $8 billion in military spending.

    Also, the announcement yesterday seems the Liberals will now include spending on veterans as military spending. It shouldn’t be. It should be separate.

    My initial thought was they are doing it to make it look like they are nearing Canada’s NATO commitment os spending 2% of GDP on defence.

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      Simon says:

      The question really is: is Trump an outlier, or does he really represent sea-change in America’s relationship to the world.

      If he’s an outlier, the spending is backloaded and the government can ease off if Trump is gone in 4 years and the US returns to its previous roles.

      If not, if whoever comes next is elected again by the people who elected Trump, then the US really has shrugged off the burden as Freeland said, and they can keep spending.

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