06.06.2017 08:43 AM

Help Sleeping Giants shut down “alt-Right” sites in Canada

What’s Sleeping Giants? Basically, it’s citizen-run Twitter accounts which try to persuade advertisers to boycott far-Right web sites like Breitbart and The Rebel, (which was founded by Andrew Scheer’s top aide, BTW).

It works.  You can read about the results here and here and here.

There’s a Sleeping Giants Canada account, too.  It’s here.

What is Sleeping Giants Canada concerned about? Here’s just one example:

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 9.28.21 AM

Go there, and use friendly persuasion to get companies to stop giving money to those who say they “hate Jews” and more.  Examples here and here and here.

Citizen power works.  Use it.


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    Gyor says:

    I don’t like the alt right, but I support freedom of speech so no I don’t support Sleeping Giants, censorship is addictive and always bites you in the ass, because eventually the other side responds in kind.

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      RyanMcG says:

      Freedom of speech includes the freedom of individual advertisers to not pay media outlets that don’t share their values. It also allows them to protect their brands by not having them displayed alongside hate-mongering trash. Finally, freedom of speech includes the freedom of citizens to express their views about the advertising choices that companies make. Freedom of speech is a two way street and I completely support Sleeping Giants bringing their concerns to the attention of advertisers.

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    Gyor says:

    Where do they draw the line? They are focusing on the alt right for the time being, but as they get increasing tastes of power their definition of hate will grow, how soon before they decide say MRA, TERFs, Antifeminists, and so on are hate, and start to push to censor them too, where does it stop?

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