06.07.2017 05:32 PM

Highly-scientific poll™: who is gonna win in Ontario?

Vote now, vote often!


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    Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Would be a lot better to give Brown the rope, along with plenty of time. But enlightened minds have apparently decided otherwise…

    May teaches us something about precipitating elections. Take note.

    Wonder who will have a worse Thursday, May or Trump???

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    WDM says:

    With a gun to my head, I’d say the PCs. They have a boatload of money, and hold a strong lead in almost all the polls. 15 years is a *long* time to be in power, and after the problems the Wynne government faced from 2014-2017, the electorate might be hesitant to buy the election eve goodies she’s selling. That said, the Tories have a branding problem. Will enough people think they’re moderate? No one has thought they were since Bill Davis. Heck, John Tory, whose portrait hangs in the Red Tory Hall of Fame was seen as someone who wouldn’t be moderate, if only because his caucus would never allow it. Not only will Brown potentially face the same problem, his own track record is full of votes and positions offside with the views of mainstream Ontarians. The NDP? They could be a wildcard or they could find themselves sidelined if it becomes a Brown v. Wynne election.

    In short? Who really knows.

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