06.05.2017 06:17 AM

Me? Nominated for what? Hello?

Just got this note from an old friend, who himself happens to be one of the best lawyers in Canada:

Warren, you see this? You’re being nominated for top 25 most influential lawyers in Canadian Lawyer mag in the Human Rights, Advocacy and Criminal category for your work getting that asshole’s publication banned from Canada Post.

Voting is here.

Wow. Wasn’t expecting this, when I got up this morning!

Per the cliché, it is an honour to be even considered for a category containing so many amazing lawyers, all of whom are a lot more deserving than me. 

Anyway. Pretty cool. My thanks to the academy!

PS – On the neo-Nazi rag: a battle was won, but not the war. We still have many miles to go. Your help would be gratefully received. 


  1. Kevin says:

    Congratulations on the nomination! Here’s hoping for a win!

  2. Tom says:

    You should also be cited for the work you did on taking down the former Ont Ombudsman. Way to go Warren!

  3. Howard says:


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