06.07.2017 08:37 AM

Ontario snap election, pro and con

Rumours are rampant. Tweeters are a-Twitter. Pundits are prognosticating.

Herewith, the Grit pros and cons.


  • eliminates the PC’s huge financial advantage
  • capitalizes on post-budget bounce
  • potentially catches the opposition off-guard 
  • recognizes that things could get worse the longer they wait


  • we could lose – badly


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    P. Brenn says:

    got ya..are liberals ready for election ..appears to be refresh of candidates going on …although pros vs con points are 4 to 1 .. the one’s probablity is high…lose badly

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    doconnor says:

    I notice the Liberals have been coming out with tons of policies, while the Conseratives still have none. Catching Brown before he can establish himself is a strategy and policies that might work. Things can change rapidly in an election.

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      Matt says:

      That’s because the PC’s policy convention isn’t taking place until November.

      And all the Liberal policies have massive price tags attached to them.

      Just yesterday it was revealed the Hydro One is going to the Energy Bord requesting pretty big rate increases for the next 5 years, higher than the Liberals promised of limited increases to the rate of inflation.

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    Matthew says:

    lol, the best reason to go now? Make it STOP. Pretty soon we will be getting a new Prius in every driveway, inflatable beach toys, minimum incomes, and will save every whale in Ontario, twice. I am jesting, but only halfway tongue in cheek. When the jig is up, please do not spend every last penny saving every Ontario whale twice.

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    Howard says:

    GTA housing is very likely to be in the depths of a bear market by next June. This is likely a consideration for the Liberals.

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