06.06.2017 10:07 AM

Saving Trump from himself

Now in HuffPo!

My preferred graf:

You’ll never get him off Twitter. Ever. He thinks he’s The Shakespeare of Twitter. So, invite people to tweet at him about challenges they face. Have him commit to reading a certain number every day, and develop solutions for them. On Twitter. It’ll satisfy his craving for attention, and it’ll maybe even help out some citizens.


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    Simon says:

    Interesting speech given by Freeland in the House today.

    It seems whether Trump can be saved from himself doesn’t matter, at least to the Liberals (and most likely the analysts, spooks, diplomats, policy wonks etc. feeding them the info). You don’t completely re-orient your foreign policy to the tune of billions of dollars unless you think the changes Trump heralds are permanent (whether or not he’s there in 4 years).

    I’m inclined to agree with them.

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    Ted H says:

    I would be better if he is not saved from himself. His behaviour has been reinforced since he was a child, culminating in his election as President, another “win” for him. He really has to fail at something and gain some humility if he ever expects to regain his soul.

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      Ted H says:

      Meant to say “It would be better”, sorry about that.

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