07.12.2017 06:06 PM

CBC story on librarians rolling out the red carpet for Nazis


Warren Kinsella, a Toronto-based political consultant and commentator who is a staunch opponent of Fromm’s, disagrees.

“Public services are not supposed to be used to promote discrimination. The library in Etobicoke is doing that,” he said.

Warren Kinsella says “public services are not supposed to be used to promote discrimination,” and that the library is doing that. 

“They’re providing a platform for neo-Nazis and white supremacists and that’s outrageous.”

Kinsella is concerned this event may start a trend. He said if the library allows this group in, “there will be many more such groups,” which will “cause division and intimidate lots of people.”

Two things. One, I’m delighted we have John Tory on our side. (I’m irritated that an actual monkey was asked to write a legal opinion for the addled librarians, here. But that will be remedied in due course.)

Two, this is yet another reason my wife should run for city council. I know she would have worked with Tory, Pasternak and the others to stop this hate fest from happening. 

The fight continues.


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    Pipes says:

    Lisa for council?! DO IT AND SIGN ME UP! 😉

    and ya the Library has made a big big mistake.

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    Kevin says:

    Keep up the fight! And the chief librarian should be ashamed, confusing hate speech with free speech.

    As for Ms. L on council? If I were in your ward, that’s where my vote would go. She’d be formidable.

    Let me be the pariah here (OMG that’s never happened before…..) and point out the supreme irony in this: didn’t Rob Ford want to close this place?

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    cash says:

    they have “rights” like Omar Khadr

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    William S. says:

    Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but I’ll tell you how this will end. I was working as a surveillant when Craig Cobb was arrested on the 7th floor of the Vancouver Public Library. Cobb ran the white supremacist website Podblanc, which featured homemade videos of neo-Nazis attacking minorities, from the library via two shitty computers.

    Just one day before an attempted bombing by Kevin Harpham, Cobb, now a fugitive running from hate speech charges in Canada, stayed in Harpham’s home in the northeast Washington town of Addy. Point is: this people are self-declared violent terrorists. This is no different than, say, an Islamic State or IRA “memorial”. At back of all this, one intuits the library is afraid *not* to let them in i.e. extortion. For example, Cobb was extremely aggressive with librarians, staff and patrons. You should look at it from that angle and proceed accordingly.

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