07.17.2017 07:47 PM

SFH kinda suck

So, I was on Evan Solomon’s show on CFRA yesterday afternoon, with my pals Karl Belanger and Monte Solberg, and Evan asked us about Justin Trudeau’s Spotify list.  Given that Trudeau’s list contained stuff “you could hear in an elevator anywhere in Canada,” I said, to general merriment, Evan challenged me to provide a better alternative.

Thus, SFH’s newest hit-to-be, Kinda Sucks, was flushed out of hiding.  Here it is, newly mastered – along with how the cover will look, soon to be clutched in the sweaty maulers of millions of teens around the globe.

Watch for it on iTunes and independent record shops near you, Evan!

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    sj says:

    Head boppin’ fun

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