07.16.2017 08:39 AM


Look who is in our morning New York Times. It’s a smart strategy by U. S. Governors: go around Unpresident Donald Trump. Link here.

And it’s smart on Justin Trudeau’s part, too. I’d personally like to see him speak up against the myriad Trump outrages, periodically. But this strategy is needed, as well. 


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    lou says:

    I imagine if premiers ignored the Dauphin and went straight to Trump, the headline would be different for doing the same act. Is that what we call hypocracy? Just asking.

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      Patrick says:

      What is hypocracy?

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        Mike S says:

        I don’t know, but i know what “hypocrisy” is…:)

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    Ronald O'Dowd says:


    I’ve come to believe that Trudeau’s Trump strategy is the right one. I think conclusive evidence of that came out of the Macron-Trump summit in Paris. Macron seems to have been able to get Trump to start moving off the dime on climate change and the Paris Agreement.

    Trudeau no doubt will use the same strategy as it relates to NAFTA, Buy American, Softwood and other contentious trade issues.

    I never thought that Trump’s thinking process could be ever so gently molded but these two leaders have proven me dead wrong.

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    Charlie says:

    NAFTA is just another item to add to the list of Trump’s accumulated failures.

    His vision of “fix it or fuck it” has had zero substance, and governors would rather keep something imperfect than have nothing at all. Plus, Republicans are finally starting to get the sense that Trump isn’t going to support them worth shit through anything. Without a White House fully invested in discussions with Canada and Mexico, nobody wants to bear the responsibility of destroying NAFTA and facing the economic repercussions.

    Everything is intertwined with the dysfunction of the WH: there is no Republican President; there is only Trump — and he is proving to be a massively unreliable partner for GOP politicians. The U.S. is now entering negotiations with no vision or leadership and an administration teetering on the edge of collapse. Trump’s cabinet doesn’t have enough autonomy to make their own decisions, yet they also don’t have the direction to move forward.

    Bottomline: Trump administrations and supporters in way over their head and regional leaders’ faith in progress rapidly escaping.

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    Biz Tripper says:

    I noticed Premier Wynne was with Justin.

    Premier Wynne should be spending time worrying about the current crumbling Toronto/GTA housing market. A crumbling brought on by the April regulatory changes.

    With the rise in rates, Canadian dollar, etc. already slowing the market the April changes were poorly timed and poorly researched.

    And now with prices falling, people in the GTA are blaming Wynne and the Ontario Liberals and it is going to lead to a lot of PCs being elected in the 905.

    There is anger out there over this poorly planned gov’t intervention. Even if you agree with the reforms, a lot of people are extremely upset and it will have an impact.

    The fact Sousa is replying to home owners concerns with condescending “blame the speculators!”” answers instead of looking at what’s happening and analyzing if it’s working as desired just adds to growing voter unhappiness.

    As someone who doesn’t want Brown as Premier, Wynne/Sousas lack of realizing what’s happening is frustrating and shows they are tone deaf.

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      Dan Calda says:

      The Canadian housing mkt is on the best PED’s money can buy. A correction is long overdue.
      And we need a correction…not a crash right?

      Wynne has nothing to do with it…and she will win the next election.

      Cause the options are a joke

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    Biz Tripper says:

    You totally missed my point.

    The policy was poorly thought out and poorly delivered. Just “doing something” does not equal good policy.

    And many people are very angry and it’s going to cost the Ontario Liberals next year.

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