08.08.2017 04:02 PM

Breaking: this one is going to leave a mark

From QP Briefing:

Hamilton police have launched a criminal investigation into a Progressive Conservative nomination contest clouded with allegations of fraud and ballot-tampering.

The probe comes in the wake of controversy around previous nomination meetings that caused mass resignations from two PC riding associations and alleged breaches of voting rules. The investigation comes after the PCs’ chorus of criticism around the Liberal gas plant scandal and bribery charges related to the Sudbury byelection, both of which will culminate in trials next month.

“I can confirm that there is an investigation that is still currently ongoing,” said Hamilton Police Service spokesperson Const. Lorraine Edwards.

Launched in mid-May, the case was handled initially by the fraud unit and has been passed on to the criminal investigations unit, Edwards said.

She did not divulge any targets in the probe, but said police were “investigating the whole scenario.”

Last May, two would-be PC candidates for the Hamilton West-Ancaster-Dundas riding launched internal appeals to the party — and then lawsuits in the courts — following a contested nomination meeting on May 7. Vikram Singh and Jeff Peller alleged that voter fraud and ballot-box stuffing occurred, and called for the results to be overturned.

PC Leader Patrick Brown, who used his veto power to quash the internal appeals and green-light official winner Ben Levitt, declined to comment on the investigation.

Mike Richmond, a lawyer for the party, declined to answer questions, citing attorney-client privilege. Party president Rick Dykstra did not respond to questions from QP Briefing.

None of the allegations has been proved in court.


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    the salamander horde says:

    .. a whole lotta ‘no comment’ going on..
    the next word wil be.. ‘as the allegations
    are being investigated by the proper authorities
    we will await further clarification on the matter..

    same old same old election deflection..

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    Ronald O'Dowd says:


    But on whom are the angels really smiling???

    My dough is on Andrea & Company, or if you prefer, the next NDP government.

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    Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Pretend, PCs!

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    James Smith says:

    Burlington pc association went through a similar situation not long ago. The entire board resigned over the actions of the former mpp, feelings ran high, but it didn’t come to this level. There was much chicanery that upset my former neighbours (some who had been on the board of the PC association) due to Jane becoming the nominee as she was one of the least effective Mpps from Burlington in the last 150 years. I suspect these stories are not uncommon, & suspect that backbone-less Brown will be seen to be the reason these stories will gain traction in the next few months.

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    Miles Lunn says:

    Not good. Brown would be best to fix these issues up fast before he throws away another easily winneable election. People aren’t paying attention now, but if this continues to happen it could be problematic. I understand he wants to keep the more extreme right wing elements out, but all parties allow their leaders to refuse to sign nominations of candidates they feel are damaging.

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    Biz Traveler says:

    The reality is very few people like Brown.

    The harsher reality is the only reason he is going to be the new Premier in a landslide is because of Wynne and Sousa and their actions over the past year.

    If we had Premier Pupatello with a centrist way of government whereby Ontario was business-like, but also had a heart Brown would be HOPELESS. Wynne and Sousa are running Ontario like the CCP and are out of touch, angry and invisible when people are looking for leadership.

    Just like I wrote 2 years ago here at Warrens that Harper was going to lose due to the growing hatred of CPC actions by newcomers to Canada (and I was attacked by a lot of people for writing it at the time) I’m going to tell you something else that will also attract those who don’t see what’s going on “on the ground” and in communities they are not part of.

    The housing measures brought forth by WynnSousa in April 2017 are having a devastating affect on many newcomers to Canada who have the “Canadian dream”. They have upgraded to newer, bigger homes. They have invested in a rental condo (not speculating, but investing). The have spent lots of money on renovations (hiring contractors and spending thousands of dollars to upgrade their properties)…..only to have WynnSousa smash their equity with policies that were overboard, ill-timed (when the market was already cooling and rates going to rise), and came just as the traditional sales market was starting and inventory growing. Worse, Sousa won’t even discuss what happened and snaps over and over about “speculators.”

    While the typical local Toronto “cool dude” will echo the latest local meme to defend Wynn/Sousa the reality is very different for those who have come to Canada with hopes and dreams and are seeing them crushed under the jackboot of the current OLP.

    This anger is going to send them to a smashing defeat and get a ninny like Brown elected in a landslide.

    Here come the snarky replies, just like when Harper and his team lost the GTA for not waking up to what they weren’t apart of and didn’t understand.

    The April 20th housing announcement is what is really going to get Brown elected.

    As someone who voted for the OLP in the last election I’m pretty angry too.

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      James Smith says:

      I actually think your analysis of the housing market in Ontario isn’t correct. There was a feeding frenzy that was fuelling price rises, in part brought on by mortgage rule changes (a wise change IMHO). People, like my kids & my new neighbours were looking to purchase their first house before the March changes; this adding to upward pressure on prices. Bidding wars were the rule. – Take the urgency of a significant number of people out of the market, combine it with the beginning of the slower summer season & house prices have stalled.

      Just some context, in 1980’s Calgary we had a mortgage at 23%. We sold at a loss & rented for a while. Friends had their banks calling their loans, not for none payment but for their paper equity. We “made” 5k on the sale of our next house when we moved to the GTA in 1987 & thought ourselves lucky. – Oh, & the PC’s in Alta? They were in power for another 20+ years. Not that Wyn doesn’t have a big hill to climb, but it is rarely one thing that defeats a provincial government.

      Oh, & Investing vs Speculating? Po-tay-toe / Po-ta-toe nes pas?

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      doconnor says:

      The new tax doesn’t apply to permanent residents. If there wasn’t foreign investment in Barrie, the market wouldn’t have been impacted, except psychologically.

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      Pedant says:

      Yes, let’s inflate the housing bubble forever because if we don’t it will hurt some people’s feelings. That will definitely end well, because history has shown that bubbles never burst, right?

      You appear not to understand who is actually impacted by the speculator tax (hint : it isn’t immigrants). You also seem to believe that immigrants move to Canada with gobs of money ready to buy McMansions in Mississauga when the reality is very few can afford current GTA prices. The Wynne measures won’t matter to these individuals one iota and in fact the new rent controls will likely help them.

      You may be upset because you bought at the top of the market and now offer pretend-sympathy for people who, according to you, only move to Canada in order to buy a house!

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    Pedant says:

    I don’t think most ordinary voters care about internal party squabbles, quite frankly.

    This appears to be a local matter vs the Sudbury scandal which should, if nobody is above the law, send several high-ranking Liberals to prison.

    If this case holds water, it will indeed leave a bit of a stain but it will be akin to a mud puddle splash compared to the pyroclastic flow emanating from the Liberals.

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      doconnor says:

      Stuffing the ballot box is a more serious violation of democracy then bribing someone to drop out. The law should be updated to reflect that.

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        Pedant says:

        The ballot-stuffing, if true, appears at this stage to be an entirely local incident. Looks bad but the leading party figures and operatives were far far away from that mess.

        The Sudbury bribery scandal involved some very senior Liberal operatives who, if justice will be properly served, should be in prison by the next election.

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          doconnor says:

          I don’t see how the level of the operatives would effect if they deserve prison or not.

          Any ballot-stuffing may have been done by locals but the leading figures of the party seem keen covering it up.

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    Mario says:

    This is inside baseball type stuff.

    Every party nomination process is tainted.

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    P. Brenn says:

    not hearing anything from NDP at all…no money to do some advertising….

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    Matt says:

    Matt, I can’t allow a comment as libellous as that to go up. Watch it, please.


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