08.25.2017 04:22 PM

From my talk wth CBC this morning: the growing racist menace


People in positions of power need to use it. We have hate laws on the books, they should use them. All of us have a role to play and what happened in Manitoba is really important — God knows what would have happened if those two bystanders had not intervened. But when they did it scared off this racist creep and it prevented a bad situation from getting potentially far worse. All of us — if we take a position, if we write a letter to the editor, if we raise our voice — can have an impact. I’ve been following the far-right for over 30 years in Canada and the thing that scares them away more than anything else is community action. When a community rises up against them they disappear. They’re cockroaches. If you shine a light at them, they will scatter.

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