08.18.2017 12:15 PM

Good riddance, you racist bastard 


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    James Smith says:

    So now instead of the hyena from inside the cage he’ll be free to do so from the outside.

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    Lyndon Dunkley says:

    I have very good inside sources that tell me this is a result of a highly successful round one of NAFTA negotiations.

    Canada gets: Bannon fired so Butts doesn’t have to address anymore BFF questions, unlimited fancy socks and acknowledgement that its 2015 yo, women and trade rocks!

    US gets: unlimited duty free access to Canadian markets, the right to put any discretionary duty it pleases on Canadian products heading south.

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    the salamander horde says:

    .. amen ..

    But the Trump administration – lurching dangerously in a diseased manner – while its various golf club related White Houses & Trump Towers – is really & truly in a state of advanced triage. Thus the exit of Steve Bannon was like lancing a mere pus filled ass boil.

    The problem facing the USA is the walking pus sack fake president and the diseased GOP. Lancing them requires a pump plus toxic disposal site for the skin bags that will remain afterwards. Without tacit support from them, the nazis and white supremacy prouts will walk softer with small dicks. Currently tho, they’re flaunting their open carry weaponry & sharing the Presidential podium.. or pulpit.

    Pehaps the Joint Chiefs Of Staff will regain some semblance of order.. or Command presence. But simce Trump essentially fired them.. I question whether they can outmuscle him.. with a coup d’etat during nasty civil unrest.. maybe – if GOP majority Congress and Senate also become unruly.

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    Sam T. says:

    This is only the beginning of sorrows. The Kushners are 100 times as anti-Muslim, anti-Arab as Bannon. They are Ezra Levant with better clothes and table manners. There is now no counter-balance. And now the Alt-Right has actual evidence Washington is disproportionally influenced by Jews. Now, we will see increased hostilities between Muslims and Jews. Increased hostilities between white nationalists, Jews and black panthers. The war of all against all unto civil war. Tribal. Atavistic. Geopolitically, China is increasingly allied with the Muslim world e.g. Pakistan (CPEC). The anti-Muslim Trump-Kushner regime is very popular in Modi’s Hindu fundamentalist India. Chinese and Indian troops are amassing up around Bhutan. It would be nice if political types could advance from checkers to chess before World War III. Bannon says he will now go “medieval”. Indeed, this is the fundamental problem: the cult of backwardness – this includes all of the above.

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    Eric Weiss says:

    Trump only hires the best people… THE BEST PEOPLE!

    Meanwhile, a pro-confederate activist showed up at a Texas City Council meeting with an armed militia carrying assault weapons in order to intimidate the council into keeping a Confederate statue up. I fear bloodbath somewhere in one of these open carry states is inevitable. That’s scary as hell.

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