08.02.2017 10:20 AM

Huge PCPO pickup


Progressive Conservative Leader Patrick Brown is poised to get a star candidate for next year’s election – Caroline Mulroney.

Mulroney, whose father Brian Mulroney was prime minister from 1984 until 1993, announced Wednesday she will seek the Tory nomination in the riding of York-Simcoe

She’ll win, and she’ll be a solid addition to the Legislature.

This is big.


  1. guppy says:

    Jason Kenney is running for UCP leadership in Alberta. In other news, gay marriage is legal in Canada.

  2. the salamander says:

    .. aside from being a ‘star candidate’ what exactly does Caroline Mulroney present re credentials to be a coherent capable ‘public servant’ ? After all, that’s the job description she must fulfill. I recall the term ‘star candidate’ being used to describe Dr. Kellie Leitch of the sundry titles.. who was parachuted in to replace the Honorable federal MP Ms Guergis up near Creemore, who was beset by a laughable husband, a hostile Prime Minister and ludicrous innuendo. Snorting cocaine off the breast of a sex worker one of the ruinous hilights of the Harper hatchet job.. and her court case against him still lingers for our dear Stephen & Ray Novak & sweet Laureen to stickhandle past !

    The job of political parties is to produce credible, responsive, effective public servants. Job # ONE in my humble opinion. I hope the daughter of Brian Mulroney meets those standards. I also hope she has some connection to the York Simcoe riding.. perhaps she actually lives there & has track record thereof.. even a local tax payer?

    • JH says:

      Degrees from New York U, Harvard College, lawyer, VP BloombergSen Investment firm, co-founder Women’s Shelter program, house in the riding. Maybe those credentials not good enough for LPO, but ok for PCPO I guess?

      • the salamander says:

        .. it’s seems she has 4 children,
        resides with her well known
        & accomplished husband in Georgina
        Is a busy productive charity advocate
        Will compete for nom in riding voting Conservative
        for what..? 20 plus years

    • cash says:

      Did Justin Trudeau ever have a job before entering politics ??

  3. billg says:

    You know, and, I’m just sayin’ things out loud here, but, the time lines add up to Prime Minister Caroline Mulroney meeting with President Ivanka Trump.
    Yes, I know, will never happen, like Harper was too cold to win, Trudeau was too young to win, Trump was too gross to win.

  4. Eastern Rebellion says:

    This is a coup and adds credibility to PB’s candidacy.

  5. Miles Lunn says:

    She will almost certainly make into cabinet if the PC’s win which is looking likely at the moment although not certain. York-Simcoe is one of the safest PC ridings in all of Ontario so win or lose, she will easily take that one.

  6. Biz Traveler says:

    It is a huge PCPO pickup and Caroline will win in a landslide.

    A lot of people have bought and moved into that area over the past few years. And now they are seeing housing prices drop rapidly due to OLP policies and people worry about losing their shirts.

    There is genuine anger in a lot of areas against the OLP due poorly planned policies which have led to a huge price drop and no buyers. For those who believe “something had to be done” it’s doesn’t mean what the OLP did was right.

    The media is under-reporting the anger out there right now. And these angry people are going to vote in June. Wynne and Sousa are silent.

    OLP is basically going to get Brown elected with a big majority. Premier Pupatello would have been coasting to a second majority.

    • Derek Pearce says:

      Everyone knows that there is anger out there. Everyone knows it will be an absolute impossible miracle for the OLP to win the next election. Wynne is toast. But the Premier did the right thing with the foreign buyer tax, prices were rising at an unstable, and unsustainable, rate. Prices have cooled but there has been no “huge price drop and no buyers.” If speculators snapped up real estate hoping to flip it for a quick buck then tough shit for them.

      • Biz Traveler says:

        Oh yeah, those newcomers to Canada moving to Barrie to start their Canadian dream were SPECULATORS! How dare they!

        And so are those people who bought a better house, spend money on repairs, land transfer, etc.

        It’s all SPECULATION.

        And when $600,000 houses drop by 200k it hurts. But you know it all right because you live in the region I’m writing about, right?

        Now I know why there are so many zombie shows on tv. Because there are a lot of zombies around these days with group think.

  7. James Smith says:

    Oh joy. So they’ll have a Muldoon to fit in with the Harris & Harper folks. Are there no Thatchers, Regans, Bushes or Trumps available? As much as I like Wynn, her biggest 2 failures so far have been not to have defined Jelly Bones Brown yet as Donald Trump with manners & address the nebulous negative feelings people have about her. As you’ve pointed out, the ticking clock & the polls don’t look good.

  8. James Smith says:

    Um why no comment on the biggest news of the summer? The House of Lords is closing!!!
    At one time this was the ONLY place in the GTA one could get a “current ” hairstyle. All be it, those of us of a certain vintage exited THOL looking like late 60’s George Harrison or 70’s Bowie/Rod Stewart. Last time I went i thought I looked like Adam Ant! https://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2017/08/02/after-51-years-house-of-lords-hair-salon-on-yonge-st-set-to-close.html

    • Mark says:

      Some suggested reforming The House of Lords, with democratically elected hairstylists from each neighborhood of Toronto. But ultimately the existing hairstylists would have none of it, and so it had to be abolished.

  9. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Saw this coming a while back on GoogleNewsCanada. Quite a break with Brian’s semi-recent federal pronouncements!

  10. Charlie says:

    And so it begins.

    I knew she was being far too coy in 2015 when everyone started asking the Mulroneys if any of them were thinking of following Trudeau’s lead into politics.

    For the record, I don’t particularly like the Kennedy/Bush-ism that we see in the US. Not that descendants should be precluded from running for public office, but I really hope we don’t move towards family-tree politics in Canada.

    That said, man PCPO is looking to steamroll the OLP. This is a pretty big get for them and one that has a significance in terms of blossoming a new and young progressive-conservative movement for Canada.

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      Depends on a) if Brown really and truly has got the Progressive religion and b) whether the membership will follow. They are on board now cause a win’s going to be a win but once in power??? I have my doubts. A lot of them are still Harris-minded…

    • Bill Templeman says:

      What about Joe Clark’s daughter,Catherine? The Toronto Sun was hunting her down a few years ago in order to run, no?

  11. P. Brenn says:

    she should be leader

  12. Terence Quinn says:

    My take on this is that her dad knows the federal conservatives will be in the wilderness for some time to come and convinced he to run provincially. Secondly, they may also sense that Brown is not really leader material and they maybe looking beyond this upcoming election which I think Wynne can still win.

    • Vancouverois says:

      Brian Mulroney, the brilliant political operator who squandered his massive public support and completely destroyed his own party? Who brought separatists deep into the federal government where they could do the most damage, and plunged all of Canada into a crisis for all of the 90’s? The one who wanted Belinda Stronach to become the leader of the new reconstituted Conservative party? That Brian Mulroney?

      If he thinks the federal Conservatives are going to be in the wilderness, that’s a hopeful sign for the Conservatives.

      • Ronald O'Dowd says:


        I knew there were reasons why I still liked Mulroney. Thanks for refreshing my memory.

        Those were the good old days when a PM actually cared about making our constitution whole — instead of playing pretend, like the rest of them…and because of this wilful negligence, one day Canada ultimately goes down the tube.

        At least we can agree to disagree, as usual!

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