08.24.2017 09:27 AM

Is Canada as racist as the United States?

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    Mario says:

    All too often, we assume guilt by association, see Butt/Bannon and that is the growing problem.

    We pass sentence on someone without rational thought or consideration.

    Tar, Label, Repeat should not be a mantra.

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    Sean McLaughlin says:

    I’ll assume that this might not be a rhetorical question. The answer is that it’s not even remotely close, but that’s because there’s so much racism in the US.

    I will say again that you’re really twisting Ryan Lizza’s words when you you write that Butts is one of Bannon’s “closest friends.” That could be true if Bannon is basically friendless, but Butts is barely mentioned at all and Lizza simply indicates that they’ve met and talked shop, which is hardly controversial. Does anyone consider Macron and Trump to be friends?

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