08.17.2017 06:45 AM

Life is about choices

And some choices, they define you.


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    Willie P says:

    I thought chiefs of staff of major G8 trading partners were supposed to speak to each other from time-to-time to, you know, co-ordinate things.

    In any case, it may be a moot point in light of this – http://prospect.org/article/steve-bannon-unrepentant

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    Sean Cummngs says:

    Part of me wants us to run like hell from NAFTA negotiations. We are negotiating with a US regime that has no problems with Nazism. Unreal.

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    Sean McLaughlin says:

    Butts is only mentioned twice in the New Yorker article and the Star simply quotes Mulcair saying he shouldn’t be friends with Bannon on principle, so I’m not exactly seeing evidence of anything here beyond a few meeting and conversations, which pretty have to take place between counterparts in the US and Canada.

    Now, if you wanted another really good reason to give Bannon a wide berth, it’s the whole unexplained acid-filled bathtub story surrounding his rental property in Florida.


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    William S. says:

    Didn’t you tell us Bannon and Butts are friends?

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