08.10.2017 07:57 AM

On that Hamilton police criminal investigation into the PCs: there is none

This, from CBC:

Hamilton police are looking into a complaint about a Progressive Conservative nomination meeting marred by allegations of ballot box stuffing.

But the service has yet to decide if it will launch a formal investigation.

Ben Levitt won the Hamilton West-Ancaster-Dundas nomination meeting in May, but it was challenged by two would-be candidates — Vikram Singh and Jeff Peller. Both have asked the court for a judicial review.

They allege the process was tainted by fraud and say the result should be overturned.

The allegations in Hamilton West-Ancaster-Dundas are among several Progressive Conservative nomination results being questioned by party members.

See that? “But the service has yet to decide if it will launch a formal investigation.”

That sure as Hell isn’t what QP Briefing reported the other day, and as I breathlessly reported right away:

Hamilton police have launched a criminal investigation into a Progressive Conservative nomination contest clouded with allegations of fraud and ballot-tampering.

The probe comes in the wake of controversy around previous nomination meetings that caused mass resignations from two PC riding associations and alleged breaches of voting rules. The investigation comes after the PCs’ chorus of criticism around the Liberal gas plant scandal and bribery charges related to the Sudbury byelection, both of which will culminate in trials next month.

There is a huge – huge – difference between “looking into a complaint” and “have launched a criminal investigation.”

This is sloppy reporting.  I apologize to my readers for misleading them.  I hope QP Briefing does likewise.


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    Brian Potts says:

    I am not in favour of sloppy reporting but wouldn’t the Hamilton police do a preliminary investigation of the information provided to decide whether a formal investigation was warranted?

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