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SFH Kinda Suck now up on iTunes!

Right here! Buy several copies!

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And press release here!

SFH release new album, SFH KINDA SUCK, which kinda says it all

TORONTO, August 11 – Shit From Hell, perhaps the most-appropriately named band in the known universe, today released their fourth studio album, the (also appropriately-named), SFH Kinda Suck.

“We are all about lowering expectations,” said bassist and lead screamer Winkie.  “With a name like Shit From Hell, what did you expect?”

Around their mothers and children, however, the band call themselves SFH.  When playing gigs in and around the Greater Toronto Area, SFH also call themselves “lucky to be alive and not in prison anymore.”

SFH KInda Suck was recorded at Iguana Studios by Nick Lobodycz earlier in the Summer of 2017.  The record features sure-fire hits like ‘Kinda Sucks,’ ‘TV Show’ and ‘Eighties Dance Song.’  All are catchier than a drawer full of fish hooks.

As well, the long-player contains SFH’s loving, respectful tribute to the 45th president of the United States, ‘Donald Trump Is An Asshole’ – as well as their paean to Da Brudders, ‘Ramones Song.’  In addition, SFH Kinda Suck offers the band’s millions of fans their cover of the Outcasts’ immortal tune, ‘Self-Conscious Over You.’

SFH are:


The pride of Peterborough and Ottawa, if Peterborough and Ottawa had anything to be proud about. The love child of Fred Flintstone and Joan Jett. Cultured ruffian. Sex without the sex. Rhythm method guitar.


Not his real name. Real name: unknown. Sick Dick, Handsome Amanda. Beats skins. Goes on binges. Will eat anything on a dare.


Four strings. Brays and screeches. Hot Nasty, Social Blemish. Hates everyone, pretty much. Permanently 15.


Praying mantis disguised as human. Milo in a cardigan. Drinks like a fish, if fish were all chronic boozers. Will play lead licks for spare change. All women want to mother him.  

SFH Kinda Suck is being released across North America and Europe by Ugly Pop (UA064).  A Fall tour is being planned, as long as the band’s parole officers provide consent in advance.

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