08.31.2017 08:03 AM

The original antifa

Canadian anti-fascists in WWII. 


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    Sean McLaughlin says:

    Note to self: re-read Homage to Catalonia.

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    Michael Bluth says:

    Not one of those soldiers is hiding their identity.

    Even Nancy Pelosi is denouncing the Antifa cowards. Time to get with the program.

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    bob says:

    I’d say what was going on in that pic was a little different than beating up a few, outnumbered, Nazi LARPers. The current fashion of equating those men with the hypocritically named ANTIFA reminds me of that Marx quote: “first time as tragedy, second time as farce.”

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    crabby says:

    Wrong again. Canada’s original Anti-Fa were the soldiers of the Mackenzie-Papineau battalion of the International Brigade in the Spanish Civil War.

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    Eric Weiss says:

    And now we let bigots serve without repercussions..


    As a former member of the Canadian Armed Forces I’m disgusted by this decision. Looks like they haven’t changed, even after the Somalia inquiry.

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    Kelly says:

    The fascist “Proud Boys” who disrupted a Mi’kmaq ceremony in Halifax recently got off with barely a slap on the wrist from the Forces, today. Disgraceful. However can Aboriginal service members ever serve with these douchebags now? They can’t be trusted to have their fellow unit member’s backs. They are shitty sailors and soldiers and weaken Canada’s ability to defend herself.

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      Matt says:

      Technically it was a Mi’kmaq protesting a statue, not a ceremony.

      As for Aboriginal members serving with them now, I can’t really speak to that, but the head of Canada’s Indigenous Veterans group said he hoped it wouldn’t affect their careers:


      The head of Canada’s national Indigenous veterans organization hopes the Canadian Armed Forces members who confronted activists at an Indigenous ceremony in Halifax can stay in the military even if they were “silly” to engage in such a confrontation.

      “The whole military has become politicized, we’re living in a politically correct era and they [the CAF members] should have realized that this thing would be a media event,” Richard Blackwolf, the national president of the Canadian Aboriginal Veterans and Serving Members Association (CAV), said in an interview with CBC News.

      “But, hopefully, it won’t affect their overall careers. I mean they just showed up there with a flag. They didn’t beat up on anybody, it’s not like that.”

      He also had a couple things to say about the protesters:

      “Blackwolf, a 77-year old Métis who served in the navy for 13 years, said the activists assembled at the statue of Edward Cornwallis in Halifax are “point one percenters” who do not adequately represent the country’s Indigenous Peoples.

      “I saw several races down there [at the statue], it’s just a hodgepodge of activists, they’re not productive people at all,” Blackwolf said.


      “These point one percenters, they did some silly stuff, because they know what the hot-button issues for the media are. They’re the bottom feeders.”


      Blackwolf said demonstrations like this one simply give Indigenous people a bad name.

      “This Chief Grizzly Mamma … I mean real Native people don’t have names like that,” Blackwolf said. “This is just gobbledygook. The [servicemen] were silly enough to go there under those circumstances, they should have known better.”

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    Derek Pearce says:

    I dont get why people are.so quick to comment condemning this goddamned contrived-in-their- mind “antfa thuggery” yet stay silent about the actual white supremacists and Nazis. Fuck you pieces of shit.

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