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    James Smith says:

    The so called “philosophy” called libertarianism is the gateway drug to fascism.

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      Miles Lunn says:

      Not at all, Libertarianism is about less government and more freedom, while libertarians can be racist, racists views on economics and role of government vary considerably. Rather the Southern Strategy back in the 70s was the beginning of allowing racists into the GOP and the whole birther movement Trump played up is what allowed him to bring the alt right on board. In fact the Libertarian Party of the US actually calls for open borders something racists hate.

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        James Smith says:

        & this bankrupt “ideology ” that’s really a fancy word for selfishness & greed leads those infected to shrug when the fascists start to mobilize…

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          Miles Lunn says:

          You may not like it which is fine, but I think wanting greater freedom is quite reasonable. Libertarianism is much like socialism it sounds great but doesn’t work, but I can understand its appeal. Many of us don’t like having the idea of nanny state. As for fascist mobilizing, unfortunately you have that throughout the world, in the Nordic Countries which are supposed social democracies you have fascist groups. Yes you can have tougher hate laws but that just pushes them underground it doesn’t eliminate them.

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            James Smith says:

            Actually it doesn’t sound great & it is sold as “greater freedom” & that is the big lie. Removing all regulations is a form of anarchy. You’re right, getting rid of Hate is an up hill climb, but the idea of “I don’t give a fig about the rest of the country/world/fellow human beings” at the root of this goop allows the adherents to shrug at fascism. This ho-hum attitude turn gives the Haters more power. As a notion, so called Libertarianism is a hollow & bankrupt an idea as Communism.

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            Miles Lunn says:

            I wouldn’t say libertarians are greedy, many donate to charity and help others. Also there is no place on earth that practices pure libertarianism or pure communism those are extreme ends which have never existed. A lot seems to be the idea that those who favour smaller government are automatically racist and fascist which is simply not true. In fact many of those types rightfully want nothing to do with Trump and his ilk. I would argue haters develop due to many things but the fact Canada has less hate (we still have issues) than say France which has a bigger more interventionist government seems to debunk the idea of this.

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            James Smith says:

            Respectfully, I thing you maybe missing my point. I don’t equate someone wanting smaller government or the legitimate conservative movement as fascist. In fact I abhor this sentiment. Libertarianism’s lack of acceptance of the concept of the “Common good” (read greed) & regurgitating the Gipper’s “the government is the problem” is baked into this half-baked idea. It’s this inherently self centred form of anarchy that leads to libertarians hold the metaphorical door open to these Hate Groups. The notions kicked around by Libertarians need to be put in the bin with The Divine Right of Kings, or The Family Compact or Spontaneous Generation or Noah’s Arc.

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    Elsie Marley says:

    I guess it really is a “White” House after all ……. poor fucking Americans. Led by that degenerate and ignorant orange filth; propped up by the Republican roaches scuttling into darkness -away from the light. “There go my people, I must follow for I am their leader.”

    Five of my family members enlisted in the Canadian Armed Forces (Army, Navy and CWACs) for WWII. While my mother enlisted she did not serve overseas; the other four did, they all came back alive, my dad with a permanent disability.

    I deem it a personal, filial, and historical obligation as well as an honour to club any pseudo-faux-neo-wannabe-Nazis – and their collaborators – who have the fucking temerity to parade in any town square. With or without a permit.

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    Kevin says:

    I did NOT just read on CNN that Trump tried to promote his winery in Charlottesville just after refusing to condemn the racists down there. I swear to God, I didn’t really see that. And to even imagine that someone would be twisted enough to publish that makes me just as twisted. I’m going to get help. I couldn’t possible have read that. I’ve got to be hallucinating. Oh God…

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    Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Trump proved today that with each passing moment that he knows less and less about reality. Moral equivalency only works when nearly identical parameters are at work: in other words, both sides of the political spectrum have to base their views on hate-speech as the be-all, end-all. Secondly, a demonstrable track record needs to exist. In the KKK’s case, the historical record goes back to 1865. Some will counter with the sometimes violent track record of Antifa but that comparison fails because their views are not ethnic or religion-origin based.

    Another essential metric is intent of the crowd. Ask yourself what percentage of the Alt-Right arrived in Charlottesville with preordained violent intent and contrast that number with the percentage number applicable to the Alt-Left. It’s a relatively safe assumption that most counter-protesters did not have violent intent in mind.

    Finally, estimate what percent of the crowd writ-large were prepared to act violently. Percentages on the right are bound to be relatively higher than those on the left, given the lack of a large anarchist contingent in the crowd.

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    James Smith says:

    My great fear is this person in the white house thinks he will be removed from office and so is making common cause with people who will take up arms to support him if he digs his heals in to stay in office. This is a terrible time for the country of my father.

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      JH says:

      Sorry but it is their history. 50% of the Founding Fathers were slave owners including Washington & Jefferson. Always been a divided country and their answer always seems to be violence or war. As you can see, very few in government, media or body politic are calling for calm. I fear this will not end well for all concerned. & am advising family who live in US to come home.

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    Matt says:


    Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN tonight was must see tv.

    As I was watching it, I literally expected fist fights to break out between his panel guests on multiple occasions. I pictured Trump sitting in his chair like the Emperor from Star Wars rubbing his hands together.

    CNN showed stills from that shit show of a presser this afternoon. They were of new Chief of Staff John Kelly.

    He looked more than a little pissed off at Trump’s rantings.

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    Daryl gordon says:

    Nothing Trump says or does on any subject at all will ever satisfy Democrats or left leaning media outlets. During the campaign and right up to today, he has disavowed white supremacist groups, antisemitism and ultra radicals such as David Duke. Of course never fast enough or strident enough to placate the groups that are out to destroy his administration anyway possible and at any cost no matter the unplanned consequences that inevitably result.

    The UCLA defended the right to have the rally in spite of being completely in disagreement with the groups and the racist message. Any thinking person would expect opposition protest groups to be out in force. Why were the two sides not kept separated by police or national guard. Democratic mayor and Democratic governor in a region that voted heavily for Clinton, who gave the order for police to stand down? What happens when you put gasoline near a open flame?

    No rational person condones white supremacists or Neo Nazis, but to maintain that left wing antifa and BLM et al are nonviolent and nonconfrontational is laughable in the extreme. Just look what’s happening at liberal universities and corporations. People are being destroyed just for having completely legal, ethical constitutional protected opposing viewpoints.

    Are not progressives supposed to be all inclusive and tolerant? Apparently not if you don’t agree with them.

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      Kelly says:

      Progressives don’t have to be tolerant of racist murderers fighting to defend “ideas” such as white supremacy and the view that it was OK to kill millions of African slaves, Jews, Slavic people, Roma, Native Americans, etc. Quit with the moral equivalency. Your side defends flat out evil… ours fights it. You will lose again, as you always have.

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        Daryl Gordon says:

        No one said anything about moral equivalency. All I’m saying is the law applies to everyone, no matter how repugnant.

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    PJ says:

    It is time for Republicans to get a backbone and impeach and remove this bigot from office. As GOP strategist Ana Navarro said on CNN, He’s unfit to be a human being, never mind President. Elected officials like the perks of power but there comes a time when they must take a stand on principal, even if that means losing electoral support.
    In 2017 we have a President giving aid and comfort to White Supremacists and Neo Nazis.

    As I saw the scenes on on the weekend and the disgusting lack of response from Trump, I thought about a close friend’s mother, an Aushwitz survivor and her father , who at the age of 12 standing outside the walls of the Warsaw ghetto, saw his parents being taken to Treblinka, where they would be murdered in the gas chambers.

    To those who want to make excuses for Trump, shame on you, be forewarned the internet never forgets.

    To those who voted for Trump, because the economy left you behind, because you could not live with Mexican migrants who were doing jobs no American wanted, and to those on the left who thought HRC was a war monger, who thought there was no difference between Trump and HRC, and perhaps voted TP candidate or stayed home, you bear some responsibility for this. Elections have consequences.

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    Miles Lunn says:

    While what happened should be shocking and people should be outraged, this was Trump being Trump. This guy was always mentally unfit, always a racist, always a liar and the idea he would somehow change once elected was nonsense. If the GOP care about their country over party time to ask Trump to resign and if he won’t then force him out through impeachment.

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    Luke says:

    I would say I’m surprised, but all of Trump’s words and actions here are totally in keeping with his persona. The racism is nothing new, the flip flopping is nothing new, the fact aversion is nothing new, the brazen lies and aggression are nothing new. So I don’t really buy much of the Republican outrage and surprise. We’ve been here before, just in less dire circumstances. I guess I’m a little surprised that he is so stupid that he couldn’t stick with one tactic for several minutes at least, especially in the obviously serious context of all this. But it’s Trump, and the behaviour is really nothing new. The Republicans should just stop propping him up. Whatever credibility they had is rapidly disintegrating, and propping up this unstable treasonous fascistic lunatic is incomprehensible.

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      James Smith says:

      I hate to repeat it, but I feel in his mind he’s shoring up support with these same folks so he can use it as a threat / barging chip when he’s finally nicked.

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        Miles Lunn says:

        I suspect if removed from office he will run as an independent to try and get back at the GOP. Trump only cares about Trump and no one else so anyone sucking him up to him thinking he will listen is deluded.

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