09.22.2017 09:26 AM

Adler and me on Ritz is crackers, Blandy Scheer and more!

Right here.


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    the salamander horde says:

    .. Ben Mulroney and I .. ?

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    Matt says:

    Look, the tweet by Ritz was stupid. Scheer eventually reacted correctly, but it took him way too long.

    But come on. The Liberals need to climb down off their high horse here. Minister McKenna insinuated repeatedly it is only progressive women who face this kind of crap. Really?

    At least 4 liberal MP’s have been accused of sexual harassment/sexual assault, the latest being MP Kang. Trudeau knew of the allegations for over 5 weeks and didn’t boot him from caucus, instead waited for Kang to resign.

    A Liberal MP asked a female Conservative MP “Where’s your pole to slide down?” when her cell rang with an upbeat ring tone. Trudeau never said a word about it.

    When Michelle Rempel asked a question of now former cabinet minister John McCallum, he started his response telling her she should look more cheerful. Trudeau is on tape laughing at that comment.

    Several Liberal MP’s follow on twitter a person who routinely refers to Conservative women as, well, it starts with a C and rhymes with runts.

    There are several memes on social media calling/comparing Michelle Rempel to Barbie.

    And Minister McKenna

    – Attending a media scrum in New York saying she was upset she had to talk about this instead of the “good work” she had been doing on the climate change file all week at the UN, then proceeded to spend more than five minutes talking about the tweet. When she was given the opportunity to talk about the “good work” she had been doing, a reporter from Huffington Post Canada (hardly a conservative leaning organization) asked her a direct question about it, McKenna abruptly ended the media scrum saying she “had to go”.

    – She routinely insults people who disagree with her on Twitter. When anyone questions any of her statements she calls the “chilsish climate change deniers”. Deniers – an attempt to create equivalency to Holocaust denial.

    Everyone needs to grow the f–k up.

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      Matt says:

      Just to clarify, when I say Liberals need to climb down off their high horse, I’m not including you in that Warren.

      I know you call out this kind of thing no matter who is doing it regardless of party affiliation.

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    Sjs says:

    Huh. That’s the first time I’ve heard someone link calling a person who denies the human impact on climate change climate change a “denier” as really a dog whistle to try and equate them to holocaust deniers.
    I’m new around here but, is that comment not itself an example of Mike Godwin’s Law?
    Well played Matt, well played.

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