09.14.2017 07:30 AM

“In fact,” CP24, you’ve got your “facts” wrong

Check this out:

Wynne’s lawyers served legal notice to the PC leader, demanding an apology for suggesting Wynne is “standing trial.” In fact, it is the alleged actions of Liberal backbenchers in the lead-up to a byelection in Sudbury in 2015 that are being questioned. Wynne is considered a witness in the case and testified in a courtroom for hours Wednesday.

Um, no.

“In fact,” CP24, before you get all lecture-y about “facts,” you need to get this “fact” right: no “backbencher,” of any affiliation, is on trial in Sudbury.  None. It’s Wynne’s advisors Pat Sorbara and Gerry Lougheed.  They’re not backbenchers.

I really like both Kathleen Wynne and her lawyer Jack Siegel, but I’d advise them against taking this much further.  Brown clearly misspoke, to be sure, but then he clearly corrected his error a few minutes later.  If they pursue it, they just keep reminding everyone about what is going on in a Sudbury courtroom, and they open themselves up to a painful civil discovery process.  Which never ends well.

It’s eight months or so until the writ is dropped.  Get ready for more of this kind of stuff.  If Ipsos is to be believed, it’s Tories 39, Grits 32 and Dippers 22, with a pretty substantial desire for change.

That may not be a “fact,” either, but it certainly suggests to me that the parties aren’t far apart – and that’s why the legal demand letters are flying this week.



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    Eric Weiss says:

    On an unrelated note, I’m sure some of Warrens followers were probably fans of this guy. Sad day for the music world.

    Grant Hart, Hüsker Dü Drummer and Singer, Dies at 56

    I had the pleasure to help produce a documentary on Grant’s life, and got to meet him. He was a kind, gentle man, with a dry wit second to none. We were both battling cancer and I would get the odd message from him telling me to keep my chin up. No cause of death yet, but he was in pretty bad shape. Last I heard he was on tour with Meat Puppets this year. I was glad he had the strength to do it, and had hoped he’d bounced back. Fuck cancer. RIP Grant.


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      Eric Weiss says:

      When I said no cause of death, I meant no word if it was the actual cancer or complications from the cancer.

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    Terry Brown says:

    Absolutely! This is madness! “I’m not on trial, it’s just a couple of my closest and most trusted advisers that are on trial! See? Everything is great!!”

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    Ronald O'Dowd says:


    What a dynamic, change followed by a glaring non sequitur…

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    Kevin says:

    I’m with those who believe polls don’t just reflect popular opinion, but drive it as well – a chicken/egg kind of question. Regardless, Premier Wynne is being unfairly blamed for all the problems of this province and I think that’s a shame.

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