09.20.2017 11:51 AM

One from the archives. Note well, fellow Albertans.



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    whyshouldIsellyourwheat says:

    Provincial governments don’t make abortion laws. The Supreme Court has decided the issue. And like Harper, Kenney has said he has not intention of re-litigating the issue.

    The job a provincial politician is to deliver services cost effectively, since they deliver most of the essential services in the country. Competence ultimately matters more than ideology.

    Kenney has a proven record of competence on difficult files. He has been the most aggressive and persistent conservative politicians in attempting to bring diversity to the conservative movement.

    Trudeau has double-crossed Notley on pipelines, by washing his hands of the carbon implications of pipelines, which is a federal government responsibility, and pushing it into the NEB regulatory process, where it does not belong. The NEB is now seemingly forced to re-litigate the entirety of carbon budgeting with every pipeline.

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    Steve T says:

    So on a related matter, what are your thoughts on the Wab Kinew situation here in Manitoba?


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      Mac says:

      I’m going to voice my issues with Wab here because I can’t do it publicly:

      I believe people can grow and change. In my opinion, it is obtuse to hold people against their past behaviours as they exhibit contrition and effort towards fundamentally changing the way they conduct themselves.

      However, it is unclear whether this is what Wab even wants.

      Expecting forgiveness by seeking forgiveness without total recognition of the very thing you are seeking forgiveness for is baffling to me. One cannot simultaneously be trying to be a better person while being ambivalent on what they are trying to be better about. I understand that Wab is not the guy he might have been years ago, and nor does he give that impression. The problem is Wab clearly doesn’t possess the maturity to understand that being a better person in private life is much different that trying to be a better person in public life. The reality of the matter is that people will hold you to account for the most nuanced of inconsistencies when you seek a position of prominence; you must either accept and commit or deny altogether. Personal growth is one thing, but projecting the image of a reformed man requires unrestrained acknowledgment of previous flaws.

      Those who surround him are doing him a disservice by insulating him from the discomfort of confrontation. Telling Wab that this is all the product of Steve’s political depravity may be partially accurate, but it shouldn’t preclude Wab from addressing the issue. Thats not to suggest he should subject himself to the criticisms of the media or critics. If he wants to introduce himself to the public as the leader his circle keeps telling him he is, it starts with demonstrating the capacity to communicate clearly.

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