09.13.2017 09:18 AM

Why were Muslim-hating bigots allowed into Ford Fest?

From Vice:


Jennifer Bush is the Muslim-hating racist who tried to attacked Jagmeet Singh a few days ago – and spectacularly failed.  She made him leader of the NDP, basically.

That she was at Ford Fest immediately afterwards, taping an attack on Jagmeet and Muslims – with the bigoted leader of “Rise Canada” and a guy who is literally facing hate charges for his white supremacist campaigns in and around Mississauga – should be a big, big concern to Doug Ford and the people around him.

Doug needs to denounce Bush et al., immediately.  These scumbags need to be rejected by Ford, as John Tory and many others have already done.




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    Richard says:

    If it’s not a concern to the Ford campaign and they don’t denounce, the answer to the thread title is simple: Miss Bush and her ilk are the base.

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      Eric Weiss says:

      There are many reasons to support Ford. You or I may not agree, but that doesn’t make the people who do racist. Most Ford supporters aren’t racist. Most conservatives aren’t racist. Calling them that keeps them from listening to what you have to say. That attitude helped get Trump elected.

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        Nasty Bob says:

        I am not a racist BUT …….

        1- I voted for an enablers of racists ( being white it won’t bother me and I’ll get a tax break and/ or my job back)

        2- I’m sick and tired of everyone calling me a racist and telling me I have to let muslims use my bathroom so I voted for a racist so real racists would be emboldened and then people will see I’m not a real racist at all

        oh no ! wait ! I see what you’re saying…..

        I am not a conservative BUT ……..

        1- all my progressive friends kept calling racist when I told them I’m not racist BUT …. so I voted for one just to spite them

        Conservatives who take racist/sexist money and dog whistle for their vote stink the same smell. . So stop with the “I’m not a ___ BUT…” and own the stank !

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          Eric Weiss says:

          Thank you for proving my point for me.


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            Nasty Bob says:

            Oh Okay !!! I get it now – we don’t have to confront racists and their enablers because once they understand that single payer health care is manna from heaven It’s kumbaya time

            Show me one credible survey , point to a single tweet, facebook or instagram where someons says ” I would’ve voted for Hilary if only she let Milo speak ”

            Seems to me the people ( like the manic man yelling at me not to yell at people in that youtube clip ) who advance the ” it’s that attitude that drove people to Trump” argument are mostly Bernieorbusters who sat on their votes and now try to shift the blame for the hell they wrought.

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            Eric Weiss says:

            Yes, yes we know. Everyone who doesn’t agree with you is a racist. Thanks for proving my point for me… again.

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          Pedant says:

          Millions of leftists in the UK voted for a Labour Party led by a notorious anti-Semite in June.

          Get off your high horse.

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            Nasty Bob says:

            Nice straw man you got there ….lemme put a match to it :

            Don’t agree with you Eric but haven’t called you a racist. Don’t agree with David Fraum -don’t think he’s a racist. Didn’t agree with Harper didn’t think he was a racist ( in fact, was an example early on when he turfed the Heritage Front et al out of the party when their money/support might eventually have put him in a majority much earlier on ) wound up tainted with the stank of that hail mary whistle hotline at the end. SAD ! Lot’s of conservatives I don’t agree with but aren’t racist or enablers like Trump and Ford Nation. Not a fan of Berrnie don’t think he’s a racist -on the other hand -not a fan of Labour because what Pedant said.

            Finaly, Go read Ta Nehisi Coates brilliant essay ” The First White President” in the Atalantic !

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        Derek Pearce says:

        But in not denouncing the scumbags mentioned who support him, there is an overriding reason to NOT vote for Ford.

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          Eric Weiss says:

          I agree, but does he even know who they are? Did anyone ask him about them? Kinda hard to denounce something that you don’t know exists.

          Not defending Ford. I think he’s a dirtbag. But for the most part, pols don’t control who attends their rallies.

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          Carlos Naldinho says:

          The problem with denouncing is that it then goes on to consume most of a day of messaging. In the last few days of a highly compressed campaign, you don’t want to waste that precious time on defense of a nothing issue.

          By nothing issue, I mean a racist showing up to a public event that had an attendance much greater than the host could be expected to know who was in attendance. If this was Ford having a small gathering with her or had Bush been a speaker at the picnic then that is completely different but there are distasteful people at most large public events.

          If this was being discussed when Bush first uploaded the video then it might have been fair but to bring it up months after the fact just shows desperation. What I take from this is that Elliott’s internal numbers show her at risk of losing to Ford.

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    Matt says:


    I don’t see how he could have prevented her from attending. It’s not like it was an invitation only event. It’s open to anyone and everyone who wanted to go.

    But yeah, he should denounce her.

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    Matthew says:

    Are you joking? Are you thinking that was an accident? This is the Ford family, they wrote the book on baiting. They are building their support for the next elections.

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