10.25.2017 11:22 AM

24 years ago today

My 1993 war room colleague Bruce Hartley reminded me:

24 years ago today… the first of three majority governments…balanced budgets; restoring Canada’s place in the world; protecting national unity; the Clarity Act; the Ottawa Treaty; independent Canadian foreign policy; diversified trade initiatives; major investments in universities and research; reversing brain drain; broadband for all; advancements in social justice….and making Canadians feels good about themselves and their country!

That was indeed a good day.

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    Miles Lunn says:

    I am a Tory myself, but yes I agree on balance Chretien did a good job and would take him over Trudeau or Scheer. My only beef with him as I feel he stayed on a little too long although to be fair had the Martinites not tried to push him out I think he would have resigned sooner. Paul Martin was a very good finance minister, but lousy prime-minister.

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