10.04.2017 10:45 PM

About that Rob Ford park decision


  1. It’s dumb because it gives Doug Ford an issue with which to rally his base. 
  2. It looks mean because the guy is, you know, dead. Don’t speak ill of the dead, etc. 
  3. It would have hurt no one. No one. 

John Tory deserves credit for being the bigger man, and for trying to do something nice about a longtime critic. 

City council, not so much. 


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    Brian says:

    Politically, you are right. Morally, Council is bang on. Ceding ground to thugs like Ford and the reactionary right (see Clinton, Dems, Third-way. welfare reform, don’t ask don’t tell…) is what leads to Trump.

    Honestly, “Embarrassing Bigot Buffoon Park.” That’s what you decide to assent too? That’s your city building vision?

    The right decision. Bigots unwelcome!

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    JB says:


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    Steve T says:

    The thought process in the naming of parks, bridges, etc.. has always struck me as odd. I ask myself the same question each time: Would we have named something after that person if they were still alive? If not, then why in the world are we naming it after them now? Just because they died?

    The same thing happens a lot in rock music. A particular musician has some fans, and also some people who aren’t so fond of the music, but when they die, suddenly they become a musical genius. I really don’t get it.

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    albertaD says:

    Sorry… I feel the only thing that should be named after Rob Ford is a drug rehab centre.

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    Sean says:

    I understand Mikey had to recuse himself due to conflict of interest, but couldn’t Mammoliti be bothered to even put in an appearance?

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