, 10.18.2017 12:11 PM

Dear Conservative readers of this web site 

It’s been several hours, and I still think this is the stupidest political move I’ve seen in months – and that’s saying something. Why, you ask?

  • The Conservatives are tying themselves to every crazy/offensive thing Rebel does between now and the election. And, believe me: there’ll be plenty.
  • The Conservatives are fulfilling a Liberal prophecy about them: namely, that their new leader really is a nutty SoCon who is beholden to the alt-Right.
  • The Conservatives have taken, and will take, a massive hit for a “strategist” who could only eke out a razor-thin win for Scheer, after 13 ballots, no less. What has he ever done, in effect, beside creating a platform for the racist alt-Right in Canada?

Hear that sound? That’s the sound of Messrs. Trudeau and Singh dancing a jig, still astonished by their continuing good luck.

Blandy Scheer: still making Joe Clark look good.


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    The Doctor says:

    Does it really matter all that much in the grand scheme of things? The next federal election is basically a gimme for the Liberals. The Canadian electorate is going to keep the Conservatives in the penalty box for another election cycle. It’s the way things usually work.

    The other thing is, the average Canadian has no idea what Rebel Media is. This is a bit inside baseball.

    Furthermore, Liberals will accuse the Conservatives of being far-right Trumpists no matter what the Conservatives do. Yawn.

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      Warren says:

      So racism is a yawn, “doctor”?

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        The Doctor says:

        Warren, come on, that’s a gross distortion of my post. I was merely pointing out that the Liberals will ALWAYS accuse the Conservatives of being mouth-breathing racists, no matter who the Conservatives’ campaign manager happens to be. It’s a standard page out of the Liberal campaign playbook. It’s as predictable as day follows night. Thus the yawn.

        I don’t think it’s terribly smart for Scheer to hire this guy, but I doubt that the next federal election campaign is going to focus on who Scheer’s campaign manager happens to be.

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          The Doctor says:

          What specifically in my post is “bullshit”?

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      Kelly says:

      The most damaging thing for Sheer isn’t the appointment of this guy as party campaign manager, it’s that he was Sheer’s PERSONAL campaign manager. If things get too hot in the next while, the party can fire him but Sheer will forever have the alt-right extremist label wrapped tightly around his neck. It validates peoples suspicious s about him and it permanently undoes all of Jason Kenney’s years of banqueting in the multicultural suburbs.

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    John Livingstone says:

    Scheer and his band of Northern Trumpanistas just can’t help themselves. They so long to be back in power they are willing to sell whatever remnants of souls Stephen Harper didn’t take with him. The big reveal of this moronic move is that there is no reveal and they remain what they were two years ago and haven’t learned a thing since.

    I’m no Tory but I do wish some of the se ‘Conservatives’ were.

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    billg says:

    Meh, was getting ready for 8 years of a Liberal government anyways, just another blunder by Andrew the Mediocre.
    I go back to a post I made a few months ago.
    Caroline Mulroney.
    Unless of course Jr continues the way he’s going and ruins it for children of ex Prime Ministers, which is looking more and more likely.

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    Lyndon Dunkley says:

    “We have had some great accomplishments in the last four years: We’ve taxed the living shit out of everything that moves but don’t worry, we’ve protected family trusts (you know,the real wealth generating vehicle of the middle class). We’ve delivered legal grass at $30/gram, available four days a week from 11am to 4:30 pm. We pulled this cool trick where we approved pipelines but knew we would never allow them to be built. We know we failed on election reform and the MMIWG inquiry but did you hear the Scheer campaign manager helped start the Rebel?”

    220 seat Liberal majority

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    Pedro says:

    As long as Justin keeps allowing that smug, “Oh I am so much smarter and “woke” than you and I AM THE PRIME MINISTER, DAMMIT!” hem of his slip to show, may not matter what Scheer does or doesn’t do. Voters these days have no loyalty. And, as for the reference to Joe Clark, he had PET across the aisle. To paraphrase, “I experienced the complete Pierre Elliot Trudeau and you, my dear Justin, are no Pierre Trudeau!”

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    Eric Weiss says:

    I completely agree with you Warren. As a conservative I’ve always seen The Rebel types flittering around, but they’ve never been invited into the inner circle. The CPC needs to go out of their way to show they’re in no way associated with that kind of dog whistle politics. Out of desperation, Harper flirted with the veil ban last election. They lost mys support instantly. They’re not getting it back anytime soon.

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      Matt says:

      The niqab wasn’t the issue last election, at least with the requirement to show your face when taking the citizenship oath. Poll after poll showed the majority of Canadians supported the idea. Had they stopped there, they most likely been OK.

      But they didn’t stop there. They went “full retard” to quote from Tropic Thunder with their barbaric cultural practices hotline and flirting with the idea of having government employees remove it while at work.

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    bleh says:

    Terrorists, pedophiles and other perverts to the left. Nazis, white-supremacists and other knuckle-draggers to the right. Have your voter registration cards and ID ready.

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    Miles Lunn says:

    While it’s tough to say that exact impact as this is largely inside baseball, this seems like a dumb move as it just gives the Liberals more ammo to attack Scheer with. The last couple months have not been too good for the Liberals and if they continue to mess up, they will be beatable in 2019, but as a small c conservative I do worry the federal Conservatives will make the same mistake the Ontario PCs have made in throwing away winning elections. That being said the election is 2 years away and a lot can happen, but seems like a dumb move. I am not sure if he himself is an alt right supporter, but just playing footsie with them is wrong and dangerous even if you don’t fully share their views. I am sure there are other people just as capable as him out there who don’t have the negative ties.

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