10.05.2017 11:54 AM

More on the Ford Park thing

I’ve stated my view: I thought it was a kind gesture on John Tory’s part.

That said, Doug Ford – Who I don’t dislike! We’ve had a few laughs together! – does himself no favours in this radio interview.  In it, he says of the councillors who voted no:

  • “They hit a new low…[they’re] really disgusting.”
  • “They’re disgusting people down there.”
  • “Rob has done a thousand times more than those councillors.”
  • “He was ten thousand times more popular.”

Look, the guy loves his brother.  That is is understandable and defensible.  (I kind of have strong feelings for mine, too, although I’d never say so publicly.)

But I don’t know how this helps make the case that Doug can get along with, and work with, councillors he’s just called “disgusting,” “low,” and “unpopular.”

In politics, I always like to advise: be critical if you have to, make your case.

But don’t overstate your case.



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    Sean says:

    The guy’s going to be running his entire campaign on his brother’s memory; this is just par for the course.

    It’ll be like Joe Biden’s old line about Giuliani – every sentence will be a noun, a verb, and “My brother Rob”.

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    Ted H says:

    Maybe if it was an off the leash dog park and one that was never cleaned up it might have passed to be a suitable memorial for Rob Ford.

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    Kelly says:

    Rob was the world’s worst mayor and a disgrace…but there was a part of him that was the bumbling idiot everyone liked to laugh at, which enabled some people to bond around the “joke” of being “anti-voters”. But the joke is over. It’s done. Doug on the other hand, isn’t a bumbling idiot. I think he’s just a humourless, nasty piece of work and by the time the polls close I doubt he’ll be able to scrape together 20% of the vote.

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    Derek Pearce says:

    I don’t see enough lefty votes peeling away from Tory to let D-Ford sneak in. His campaign is going to be thought of as “old news, yesterday’s man” kind of stuff. LOL of course like everyone I never thought in a million years Trump could get in so maybe I’m wrong, but Toronto has no Electoral College to screw things up so I’m pretty confident.

    Also, Tory, when backed into a corner, can get a wee bit nasty so he’ll have no problem *politely* calling Doug a liar when Doug inevitably lies about things during the campaign.

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