, 10.25.2017 12:40 PM

My #MeDo column on #MeToo is over on HuffPo now

Here it is.

And here is a snippet:

I have been resisting #MeToo. I have.

For starters, I am generally pretty unenthusiastic about hashtag campaigns. Most of the time, they are just slacktivism, i.e. the false belief that posting something on social media is enough. It isn’t. Ever.

And, most of the male responses I have seen have been completely idiotic. Stuff like: I have daughters, and now I understand, etc. Or: Sure, but don’t blame me, etc. Or: here’s my own hashtag!

But mostly, I have resisted writing or saying anything about #MeToo because I felt men should just shut the fuck up and listen, for once.

My wife, however, reminded me that I have four million visitors to my website every year, and that I write columns and books, and that I shouldn’t be silent simply because I despise my gender (more on that in a minute), or because I don’t know what to say that has a fraction of the significance of #MeToo.

After some reflection, I decided she is right. As usual.


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    Ridiculosity says:

    Your wife is right. As usual. And yes, Lisa should run for City Councillor in Beaches-East York. Despite the fact that she is married to someone of your gender. And general disposition.

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