10.01.2017 07:27 PM

Pretty good country we’ve got here, folks 


  1. Steve T says:

    I agree, it is a wonderful reflection on our diverse accepting country that we can have a candidate like Singh in a major political party.

    However, I hope that people don’t vote for him simply because of his ethnicity, and I hope people don’t critique those who vote against him as being some evidence of our “racism”.

    Politicians should be judged for their politics, period. Anything else, whether pro or con, should be irrelevant. If we elect a woman, or a Muslim, or a transgendered peron, we should not be congratulating ourselves on our “progressiveness”. We should be congratulating ourselves (I hope) that we elected someone who has good, intelligent, logical policies. Period.

  2. ottlib says:

    I agree we live in a great country.

    What would make it greater would be if the fact Mr. Singh has a turban was no more notable than he has a beard or he has brown eyes.

    That is not a shot at Canada or Mr. Singh. I believe that is just the logical progression for this country that prides itself on tolerance.

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