, 10.17.2017 11:57 AM

Recipe For Hate mania strikes Ottawa!

I’m serious.  Check out the reaction of these hundreds of total strangers to the news that Recipe For Hate  – which Publisher’s Weekly called “riveting…Tension starts high and stays there in this unflinching page-turner, which offers a fascinating glimpse into the early punk scene and a moving testament to the power of friendship” – would be hitting bookshelves starting this week:

And see those two people at the end? Those are world-famous politicos, Tim Powers and Kathleen Monk, showing off the book to the grateful multitudes!

I’ll be in Windsor at Bookfest on Friday night, deets here – and also teaching a class about creative writing, which will be interesting.  And, of course, you can get your copies here and here.

Launch party will be in November, and you are all invited! Deets to follow.


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