, 11.24.2017 11:01 AM

Apple iBooks calls Recipe For Hate one of the “best books” of the month!


Apple iBooks has called Recipe For Hate one of the top books of November 2017 – and offered up this review:

It’s the late ’70s and the Ramones are defining a new kind of American rock. In Portland’s underground punk scene, a group of teens experience a defining moment of their own when two of their friends are murdered by Nazis. Recipe for Hate throws readers right into the moshpit of it all. Though the book’s themes are heavy, it’s a fast-paced read with well-drawn characters. This incredibly timely novel–inspired by real-life events–trains a keen eye on the hidden dynamics within subcultures and ask big questions about the nature of justice.

First Quill and Quire, then Publisher’s Weekly, then School Library Journal, now this.  I am somewhat stunned (Lisa will tell you I’m always stunned) and immensely grateful.

Like, wow.


  1. Steve T says:

    Congrats, WK. Being grateful is good (and humble of you), but you should also be proud. Your hard work got you these accolades!

  2. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    You put heart and soul into your writing and it shows.

  3. David Ray says:

    I don’t understand why you have goats on the cover though:)

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