11.17.2017 10:51 AM

Kinsella Thursday on Adler: me and Charles praise Trudeau, and get a bit emotional



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    Montréalaise says:

    Warren – I enjoy reading your blog but one thing bugs me and I have to say it: it’s ”Charles and I”, not ”me and Charles”. When you refer to your wife – it’s ”Lisa and I”, not ”me and Lisa”. You’re a highly educated person, so why do you keep making this very basic grammar mistake?

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      Warren says:

      You can take the boy out of Calgary, etc.

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    Kevin says:

    Good show, as usual. This one touched a particular nerve by addressing the issue of guns in the US. So I have a little story.
    For years we’d get together with a gang of friends each summer for a week or so of camping in the Poconos. Pretty much a do-it-yourself thing where people chipped in what they could, and by word of mouth grew to include a few hundred people, mostly from the US. One of the DIY things that developed was a ‘talent evening’ where anyone who wanted could have 5 minutes to entertain the group with a song, a karaoke, a skit, whatever. Popular event and usually lots of fun.
    One spring Columbine happened. At talent night that year a couple of assholes decided it would be fun to do a bit where they dressed like they were at the prom and lip-synched to some high school revenge song while pretending to spray the audience with gunfire using toy Kalashnikovs. The audience loved it. They did the usual hooting and cheering and stomping the floor. Me? I’ve only been truly outraged a few times and that was one. Did a slow clap, and lots of people turned on me accusing me of ruining the fun. Spent at least an hour snarling and snapping at people and pacing like a madman.
    We haven’t gone back. We keep in touch with a few of the friends from then, but mostly not.
    That was my experience with the US attitude toward guns, or what I did on my summer vacation. The attitude is beyond reason IMO. I hope some day some bright light down there will say “Wait a minute. No other civilized country on earth has this issue, maybe the problem is us”.

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