, 11.16.2017 08:54 AM

Media roundup: neo-Nazi rag gets charged for promoting hate

Best part of yesterday: our kids said they’re proud of us.  Second-best part: Andrew brought his months-old son into the office.

But it was a wonderful day, and a long time in coming.  As we said in our press release, we are immensely grateful to Bernie Farber, Richard Warman, Len Rudner, Mark Freiman, Karen Mock, Evan Balgord, Avi Benlolo and our STAMP and Daisy colleagues – as well the legal teams at Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Centre,  B’nai Brith and CIJA.  Those folks did the heavy lifting.

It was a historic day, too: for the first time in Canadian history, charges have been laid for promoting hatred against women.  It’s happened before when the victims were Jews, or gays, or non-whites.  It’s never before happened when the “identifiable group” was women.  Having seen how hard my feminist wife pushed the police on that – as far back as early 2016 – I think she deserves the credit for making a bit of Canadian legal history.  In the Weinstein et al. era, too, it is long overdue.

Now, the hard part begins.  Section 319 requires the approval of the Attorney-General, and is used very infrequently – as it should be.  The state’s criminal law power should be used only sparingly, and only in the most extreme cases.  This is one such case.  The trials are going to be long and tough, however.

Thanks to all of you for the kind words of support.  Thanks, too, to Toronto’s media, who have been diligent and factual on the Your Ward News saga.  Here, for your elucidation, is a roundup of some of the better coverage.

  • Canadaland: The best summary of the myriad legal cases, by Evan, is here.
  • CITY-TV: You know who has been the best at covering this neo-Nazi rag?  CITY.  By far – Cristina in particular, here.
  • CBC: Featuring a fetching photo of Lisa, here.
  • Globe: Patrick White focuses a bit more on the “free speec”(hate propaganda isn’t “speech,” FYI) angle, here.
  • Star: The Star folks have been covering this story diligently from the start, as seen here.
  • Yahoo News: Good report on the various legal actions, here.
  • Global: Solid report, here.
  • Sun: Great Warmington report – one of the first – here. 


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  1. Brian says:

    Well done, to you, your wife, and all you cited.

    I have been thinking for a while about the lax US limits on speech and how that may or may not have contributed to both the level of hate infesting their culture and their post-truth climate. Above my pay grade, but, there you go…

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