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Best and worst of Canadian political 2017

For my bestest-ever editor, the Hill Times‘ Kate Malloy – who oversees one of the few truly still-successful newspapers in Canada, by the by – I’m doing my clichéd year-end roundup of the year in Canadian politics.  It’s fun, if nothing else.  And, um, I need to file it later today.

But – because I am for, by and about the people – I want to open it up to the people.  So, I am asking you, O My Readers, to offer your votes and commentaries in comments.  The best ones will be tucked into the aforementioned year-end column.

So here goes:

  • Most successful Canadian politician:
    • Justin Trudeau
    • Brad Wall
    • Jagmeet Singh
    • Um, that’s it, because I literally can’t think of anyone
  • Least successful Canadian politician:
    • Bill Morneau
    • Melanie Joly
    • Max Bernier
    • My God there are so many possibilities
  • Best political win in 2017:
    • Trudeau flipping two CPC ridings in by-elections
    • Scheer’s come-from-behind leadership victory
    • A turban-wearing Sikh man winning a party leadership in the Trump era
    • Something Warren hasn’t thought of, which frankly happens a lot as he gets older
  • Biggest political screwup:
    • Trudeau, Butts et al. sucking up to Trump with nothing to show for it
    • Scheer’s relationship with the racist/anti-Semitic luminaries at The Rebel
    • Singh and his party going into the witness protection program
    • Warren doesn’t want to in any way influence your vote, but please don’t forget Melanie Joly: Netflix, Canada 150, Holocaust memorial, $6 million non-hockey hockey rink and doing nothing about the death of dozens of Canadian newspapers
  • Story that will dominate Canadian politics in 2018:
    • The end of NAFTA
    • Election upheaval in Ontario, New Brunswick, Quebec (and municipal elections too)
    • #MeToo finally landing on Parliament Hill and exacting divine retribution
    • Lisa Kinsella running for Toronto city council and Warren being forced to start acting his age, for the first time ever


  1. George says:

    In order:
    Warren with age

  2. HUH? For either Best political win or Biggest screwup…

    Did unknown Valerie Plante NOT score a jaw-dropping upset over politically-savvy and incredibly well-connected incumbent Liberal Denis Coderre in the Montreal mayoralty race?

  3. Jean Dennie says:

    1. Justin Trudeau (this is hard for me to write)
    2. Mélanie Joly
    3.Singh winning the leadership
    4. Singh disappearing
    5. Lisa running and winning. Warren will still be Warren (please and thank you)

  4. Mike Gibbs says:

    In order:
    Singh win

  5. Miles Lunn says:

    Mine are:

    Brad Wall
    Bill Morneau
    Trudeau flipping two CPC seats in by-elections
    Morneau small business tax changes
    One of the three federal leaders shoots themselves in the foot, don’t know which but probably Trudeau or Scheer.

    As for political upheavels next year, I think the Liberals will hold New Brunswick, but Quebec will be more of a challenge. Couillard still has a decent shot at a minority, but majority is probably a long shot and certainly a CAQ win or at least strong opposition seems quite possible. In Ontario I think the Liberals will be defeated but how big an upheavel is tough to say but a PC landslide, NDP opposition or perhaps even minority are definitely within the realm of possibilities. Also a PCs winning the most seats but falling short of a majority and the NDP and Liberals ganging up like in BC to keep them out is another possibility.

  6. Charlie says:

    These are really, really good, Warren.

    There’s a lot that happens in a year in the world of politics, so its hard to put things in perspective looking back.

    I’d say I agree with the majority of what you have up here. Though there are probably countless things one could add to the categories.

    I think the new MTL mayor deserves a mention for the win column. I don’t know MTL municipal politics, but knocking off an incumbent – first term – mayor is a feat in my book.

    The BC election was also noteworthy, somewhere on this list.

    Also, let us not forget Kellie Leitch and her magnificent fall from lack-of-grace. Wasn’t much of a fall, albeit, but her decimation should be noted in the summary of 2017 as a deserving career death in politics.

    • Matt says:

      Lots of very good candidates lining up to challange Leitch for the CPC nomination to run in 2019.

      Should be interesting.

    • The Doctor says:

      BC Election was a fairly familiar story of an old, tired government running a lousy campaign devoid of any vision or ideas. And I’m a BC Liberal supporter (and voted for them). When your own supporters feel that way about you, you’re in trouble.

  7. julian says:

    Most successful Canadian politician:
    Justin Trudeau

    Least successful Canadian politician:
    My God there are so many possibilities
    *write-in candidate: Scheer, via his inability to capitalize on the expertise of the Harper camp’s support.

    Best political win in 2017:
    A turban-wearing Sikh man winning a party leadership in the Trump era

    Biggest political screwup:
    Scheer’s relationship with the racist/anti-Semitic luminaries at The Rebel

    Story that will dominate Canadian politics in 2018:
    #MeToo finally landing on Parliament Hill and exacting divine retribution

  8. David_M says:

    Doesn’t every city councillor require someone in their immediate family that makes them cringe just a little?
    I would think it has to be mandatory.

  9. Pedant says:

    No mention of Jason Kenney?

    The guy only…
    (1) won the Alberta PC leadership
    (2) got them to approve a merger with Wildrose (and helped convince Wildrosers to do likewise)
    (3) won the Alberta UPC leadership in a landslide
    (4) won his seat in a landslide (okay that was expected, but not the scale)

    He utterly dominates Alberta politics now. Doesn’t mean he’ll win in 2019, depends if the federal Liberals, BC, and Quebec continue to sabotage Alberta’s economy. If yes, say hello to Premier Kenney.

    I find Kenney a bit smarmy but he’s consistently underestimated and overdelivers.

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