, 12.19.2017 04:10 PM

Booklist: Recipe For Hate “explodes off the page…a dark and engrossing tale”!

Wikipedia: “Booklist is a publication of the American Library Association that provides critical reviews of books and audiovisual materials for all ages. Booklists primary audience consists of libraries, educators, and booksellers. The magazine is available to subscribers in print and online. Booklist is published 22 times per year, and reviews over 7,500 titles annually.”

My publisher Dundurn Press has told me Booklist is “hugely influential.”


I can’t quote the full review – it isn’t out until next month – but I’m allowed to offer up a couple of lines.  So here you go:

“Kinsella’s book explodes off the page from the start…a dark and engrossing tale of punk-rock heroes fighting for justice.” —Booklist

Now, when is Lisa Kinsella going to get me a movie deal, so I can meet her long-ago friend Brad Pitt?

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