12.06.2017 03:43 PM

Fourteen reasons

…why we still need effective gun safety laws.

28 years ago.

1 Geneviève Bergeron (born 1968), civil engineering student

2 Hélène Colgan (born 1966), mechanical engineering student

3 Nathalie Croteau (born 1966), mechanical engineering student

4 Barbara Daigneault (born 1967), mechanical engineering student

5 Anne-Marie Edward (born 1968), chemical engineering student

6 Maud Haviernick (born 1960), materials engineering student

7 Maryse Laganière (born 1964), budget clerk in the École Polytechnique’s finance department

8 Maryse Leclair (born 1966), materials engineering student

9 Anne-Marie Lemay (born 1967), mechanical engineering student

10 Sonia Pelletier (born 1961), mechanical engineering student

11 Michèle Richard (born 1968), materials engineering student

12 Annie St-Arneault (born 1966), mechanical engineering student

13 Annie Turcotte (born 1969), materials engineering student

14 Barbara Klucznik-Widajewicz (born 1958), nursing student

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    Matt says:

    The key word is EFFECTIVE.

    C-68, aka the Firearms Act wasn’t effective at stopping the criminal misuse of firearms.

    The rumoured proposals being considered by the Liberals currently won’t address the criminal misuse of firearms.

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