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Prominent Liberal commentator and consultant Lisa Kinsella is “seriously considering” running for the soon-to-be-vacant Ward 32 seat on Toronto council.

“I’ve been encouraged to run in Ward 32 and I’m taking my time to decide,” said Kinsella in an interview Nov. 28. “It’s a big decision — not anything I take lightly.”

Ward 32 (Beaches—East York) will be an open ward in 2018, as incumbent Mary-Margaret McMahon has announced that she will not seek re-election.

Kinsella and her husband, author and political consultant Warren Kinsella, have made headlines recently in their legal battles with the publishers of the Your Ward News free newspaper, who are facing charges of hate speech in connection with articles they’ve published there.

Kinsella said that fighting against hate speech in the ward remains a passion, and “I think everyone is aware that I am a Liberal.” But she said if she were to be a member of council she would put the needs of the constituents in Ward 32 first.

She said that she’s concerned about an “increase in crime in the ward, and the safety of young people. You see young men being injured or killed on the news all the time, and every time I hear about it I think of my sons.”

Kinsella said that she’s also concerned about affordability in the city.

“It’s really sad when I hear about young people talking about leaving the city because they can’t afford to live here,” she said.

Possible Ward 32 candidate Lisa Kinsella with her campaign advisor,                The Faceless One

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  1. Christian says:

    I live in ward 32. If Lisa decides to run, I’ll help out. Its the least I can do given the huge favour you guys did for us by taking on that rag (which I shall not name).

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