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It’s his day down here in the US, today.  It feels sad. It feels like this country is being run by the son of a Klansman – and it is. That’s bad.

Then again – on the other hand – a year ago, my wife and our daughter were near the spot seen in the photo above, protesting the racist, sexist, extremist Unpresident. That’s good.

Educate your kids about the importance of Dr. King.  In 2018, it will be more important than ever before.


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    Miles Lunn says:

    Martin Luther King Jr., must be rolling over in his grave as after 50 years later, the US is still willing to elect a racist president. Hopefully his dream will succeed in the long-run, but its hard to not see it failing right now considering who just was elected. Yes Trump lost the popular vote, but he still got 46% to vote for a racist and the majority of white Americans voted for a racist so definitely not the progress those who favour civil rights want to see.

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      sean says:

      What facts do you have to support Trump is a racist

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        Miles Lunn says:

        Plenty. Calling Mexicans rapist, saying an American born judge was competent enough to oversee his lawsuit on Trump University because he was Mexican, calling for a ban on all Muslims, often quoting the alt-right, claiming 80% of murders of whites were done by Blacks (which is completely false), refusing to rent out to African-Americans is more than enough to show me that he is racist. Not all Trump voters are racists, but all Trump voters either are racist or indifferent too it.

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          sean says:

          all your so called proof are CNN talking points taken out of context. He never said all Mexicans are rapists Lol. Didn’t call for a Ban on Muslims, He said halt Muslim immigration until every Muslim immigrant applying can pass a thorough security check M Moore big Liberal who got it right disagrees with Trump supporters being racist. He said they were mostly good people who had been left behind economically and nothing had gotten better for them under Obama after Bush years didn’t work for them. Liberals love to call their political enemies racists. Obama attended a church for years under Paster Wright who preached racism all the time and I don’t think Obama was racist although I suspect he is a bit anti -semantic or at least anti-Israel. You of course would never criticize Obama

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            Warren says:

            “Anti-semantic.” Welcome to the Trump era, folks.

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            doconnor says:

            His press release announcing it said, “Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.”

            He has since walked it back to super-vetting of immigrants from some Muslim countries.

            There is a big difference between anti-Semitism and disagreeing with the Netanyahu government.

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    sean says:

    Yes he was a Nobel Prize winner who deserved it and may have been assassinated for his opposition to the Vietnam war. https://youtu.be/8rsQ2rVr6Fw The current Potus has been a supporter of regime change and is still bombing many countries 8 years after he was elected and THAT fact has tarnished the prize if your even remotely objective.

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    Matt says:

    Yes, educate your kids about MLK.

    But also educate you kids not to make up hate crime attacks like the 11 year old girl in Toronto did last Friday. She claimed while walking to school an Asian man attacked her twice from behind using scissors to try and cut off her hijab. The story made national and international headlines. The attack was condemned by politicians from all parties at all levels of government. The girl was praised for her bravery in the face of such hate.

    One problem. As Toronto Police confirmed this morning, the attack never happened. She made it all up.

    This crap is a slap in the face of everyone who has truly been the victim of racism and hate.

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    Miles Lunn says:

    9 years ago many people were very excited that MLK’s dream was about to come true where people would be judged by the content of their character not the colour of their skin. After all the US was 5 days away from swearing in its first African-American president who won a landslide and swept most of the industrial Midwest that gave Trump his victory including even Indiana, which Trump won by 20 points. Many of us were hopeful the US had turned a page on its racist past and that the country was now entering a post-racial era. Sadly few could imagine a mere 8 years later, a racist who spewed lies about Obama not being born in the US would be on the verge of being of sworn in. I just hope the idea that for every step forward there is one step back, but Trump is a detour not lasting change and that those who believe in tolerance of all will win out over the bigots. It was particularly sad to see how large swaths of the country, especially in the Midwest that were willing to vote for a Black president twice in a row would turn around and support a racist. I never really understood the Obama-Trump voter, although apparently 10% of the population are such. Hopefully we never see a president as vile as Trump again and hopefully in 3 years time we are 5 days away from Trump leaving the White House and a new president being sworn in.

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