, 01.31.2018 10:56 AM

Spare a thought for Melania Trump (and all political spouses)

Married to a serial philanderer, a rank misogynist and an admitted sexual assaulter.  It can’t be easy.

Is she aware?  Of course she’s aware.  There’s plenty of evidence, right there in plain view.

She refuses to travel with him to his (medicated) State of the Uniom, and takes her own car.  She is in seclusion after a story breaks about her husband’s tryst with a porn star, and the hush money paid to said porn star. She refuses to travel with her husband to important international meetings. She condemns online bullies, knowing full well – as does the world – that her husband is the biggest online bully in the history of the world. She swats away his hand in public.  She declines to celebrate the fact that she is married to Donald Trump.

She wept, we are told, when he won – because (we suspect) she knew (a) it would only encourage him to continue to act like a pig (and it has) and (b) it would mean that she would have to continue to be with him (and she has).

At the start, I didn’t think she was serious First Lady.  Now, I think that she truly deserves our sympathy – for all that she has to endure in public, day after interminable day.  It must be excruciating.

So, say a prayer for Melania Trump, then, and all political spouses like her.  It can’t be easy to be married to a politician like that.



  1. Ned Ludd says:

    I’m sure it wasn’t easy for Jaqueline Kennedy, Lady Bird Johnson, and Hillary Clinton, either.
    This kind of crap has been going on for years. I’m not excusing it. But while Melania deserves our sympathy, so did a number of former Presidential spouses, Hillary Clinton, especially.

    • Rashid Haddad says:

      I am confident that Hillary is fine with Bill’s philandering. After all, she attacked his victims and has stood up for him even when caught red-handed (so to speak). It really does not look like it bothers her a bit. I did feel sorry for Jackie Kennedy and Lady Bird Johnson, though.

  2. the salamander horde says:

    .. without reservation I can say that I think she married for money. Further, I believe that when she does walk.. with however much she gets or deserves (two different amounts) via a horde of grateful & far more wealthy divorce lawyers.. the entire Trump family with be served with notices to never contact her again. Some things when they are over.. are OVER.. and amen. If anyone in their right mind can convince me someone would want to remain in contact with Eric, Donald Jr, Ivanka or Jerod.. I will submit to letting a tatoo artist put ‘I am stupid’ on my forehead.. To save my life, I could not state anything Melania said in public, much less privately. Her book will outsell Fire & Fury tenfold.. it will not be pretty

    • Rashid Haddad says:

      That sounds great. Please provide links to your sources. I’m very interested in looking further into your sources of information. Thanks.

      • the salamander horde says:

        .. are you familiar with the terms ‘conjecture’ or ‘opinion’ ? I’m quite full of them.. Are you by chance familiar with ‘sarcasm’.. Due to Warren’s gracious benevolence.. I do hold forth at times.. but I find myself today, deep in my dotage, short of links.. and extend my vast apologies..

  3. albertaD says:

    She can leave. First Lady or not. Unless he’s being blackmailed/forced to stay – in which case, now is the perfect time to step forward with her own #MeToo story.

  4. Morgan says:

    I have ZERO sympathies.

    She campaigned for him and pushed that racist birther Obama crap on her own solo jaunts on national television (The View and other shows I recall when she was supposed to be promoting her jewelry.) She also called all her husband’s accusers “liars”. Then, when confronted with video/audio proof she dismissed his shocking “grab them by the genitals/ I can sexually assault women” comments as “Boys talk”. Seriously she can F-off.

    I read somewhere that she was planning on divorcing him, but then his candidacy took off. If she wants a divorce or separation, she should do it, she can she has the means. Poor little rich girl? I don’t think so. Maybe misery loves company.

    • Lynn Duquette says:

      Bravo. Well said. She married a cheater, a liar, and a shitty human being because of the money, or for some quality that escapes most other human beings. If she got snookered by the “great deal maker” and has to endure a sentence with the orange ogre, so be it. She was no child when she married him and knew his track record with wives. She tied herself further by having child with him. I cannot feel badly for her, at all.

      Her miserable face, and her supposedly miserable life is all her doing. Divorce him if life is too bad. She picked that tasteless gilded cage with the gold toilets as her best option for life, so live with it or walk.

    • Fred from BC says:

      “and pushed that racist birther Obama crap”

      Racist? What exactly was “racist” about the birther story?
      (a story which, you should never forget, was concocted by one of Hillary Clinton’s people…Sid Blumenthal, to be exact)

      “She also called all her husband’s accusers “liars”.”

      Okay, THAT was Hillary herself…

  5. Steve Mertl says:

    I’m sure this is not the life she signed on for but she was not a child when she married him. I presume she understood that this was something of a business deal. There’s an element of buyer’s remorse, perhaps. She never smiles. Perhaps she feels some guilt for being an accomplice to this spectacular con job. You know who I feel sorry for? Their kid, Barron. He had no choice in all this.

  6. Rashid Haddad says:

    Melania isn’t helpless or weak. I doubt if she needs prayers or is being held prisoner.

  7. Mary says:

    No one really knows the whole story regardless of what you read and hear. Compassion is never wasted.

  8. Charlie says:

    Gosh, must be so tough to be married to a serial cheater and live in the White House as opposed to being married to a serial cheater and living in a gold-plated NY penthouse.

    I’ll be sure to remember her next time I come across a homeless person.

  9. Robert Hume says:

    I’m an ass. Spam me at rhume55@gmail.com

  10. Gyor says:

    Oh please she married him for his money, power, abd ststus knowing full well what she was getting into, she’s not an idiot.

    She got what she wanted, maybe more then she wanted I don’t think she wanted to be first lady, but she has wealth, power, status in excess.

    So I shed no tears for her, she’s doing just fine. I feel sorry for those in poverty.

  11. Bil Trainor says:

    Total poop Mr. Kinsella.

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