02.27.2018 08:26 AM

Breaking: today’s Patrick Brown scandal









Sigh. It was fun while it lasted.


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    RDL says:

    Good one, Warren.

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    Robert White says:

    I still don’t quite understand why Brown thought he should re-enter the leadership race if he was not going to be in for the long haul? The excuses he put forth are not sufficient from my perspective, and given his length of time in political life one would think that he would be one that would understand the commitment necessary to put one’s name into a leadership race. Certainly he knew when he signed up for the second time that it was an all or none event. One is either all in or completely out, but to re-enter the race and then back out on lame excuses 10 days later indicates that he did not think the re-entry into the leadership race through to a logical conclusion. And that leads me to conclude that he re-entered the leadership race on pure unadulterated wishful thinking & personal delusion.

    If he is indeed having difficulty thinking clearly that would explain it, but Brown is no rookie, and a veteran politician fully understands the commitment necessary to run a successful leadership run. Brown only re-entered the race for impression management purposes, but now that he is out again the impression we all have is that he is either a bad planner or he is undoubtedly incompetent as a politician.

    I don’t think he will end up back in political life at any time in the future. I think he will be forced to practice law now because the political job track is not going to bear fruit for him ever again.

    Screwing up at the age of 39 is not so bad that he can’t recover, but that recovery is not going to be in political life.
    Bottom line is that the population will undoubtedly be suspect of male politicians that are single going forward.

    In summation of this political debacle I can’t honestly think of one honest political idea that Brown came up with in the last four years that resonates today. The man was an empty promise on a false prospect of an impossible future.

    The play book needs to be clear & concise for us now.


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      3SES says:

      One way to look at it: Brown’s entry into the 2018 leadership race made him dangerous. It gave him much better leverage to ‘clear’ his name and negotiate a ‘severance’.

      Alternatively: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=znhP2tsrx-s

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    Ron Benn says:

    Warren, your definition of fun is a bit different than mine, but it certainly was something, while it lasted.

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