02.26.2018 01:55 PM

Brown being investigated for ethics breaches

Story here:

Ontario’s integrity commissioner confirmed Monday he is investigating a complaint against former Progressive Conservative leader Patrick Brown.

Integrity commissioner J. David Wake confirmed the probe in a statement to media early Monday afternoon.

The complaint was made last week by PC MPP Randy Hillier, questioning how Brown could afford the mortgage on his $2.3 million house and alleging Brown violated the rules for MPPs by failing to declare all his sources of income. 

The probe comes amid the race for a new PC leader after Brown stepped down as a result of allegations of sexual misconduct.

And rumours are flying about whether he will quit the race or not.

What will he do? What should he do? Comments are open.


  1. Luke says:

    I think what he should do became irrelevant some time ago, as he should never have re-entered politics, not now at least.

    For his party, he should quit, but not because of death threats. The obvious reasons.

    For his family? I truly don’t know if folding to death threats is the best course or not. If he had the moral high ground maybe he should not quit, but where this whole thing is a fiasco all round he should probably just give it a rest.

    For himself? In politics for him I think it is now or never. I could see him winning this bloody leadership contest, some how. But I suspect if he quits again he’ll be done forever. In any case, I think putting him back as the face of the party is the best course for the PCs to lose an election they have every chance of winning.

  2. ABB says:

    Big deal. The commissioner’s report comes out in … June ??

  3. RDL says:

    What bothers me is that he whines about being attacked and how it’s affecting him and his family. But, he never acknowledges the people whose careers he ruined when he disqualified them at the last minute; the people who he defamed; the people he betrayed. He is incapable of acknowledging that he is the architect of his own problems.

    • ABB says:

      If he becomes Premier it will be a bloodbath in the PC Party and across the province.

      • RDL says:

        I was actually dreading that possibility. Wynne is terrible but at least we know how terrible. With Patrick, we could never know because he flip flopped all over the place. He could have gone left or completely tea party.

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