02.02.2018 09:56 PM

Check this out, #ONpoli


And, postscript: Jenni Byrne is a bit of hero, no?


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    Mohammed says:

    Almost cancels out her “barbaric cultural practices” tipline. Almost.

    What do you think of Stephen Harper’s statement, Warren?

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    Charlie says:

    Jesus Christ.

    The Dykstra stuff really should have come to light when it happened, because what he’s accused of is kind of egregious and should have been known before people casted their votes.

    That said, here are a few thoughts on this Macleans piece:

    1. What a shit-show the Harper 2015 campaign was. I don’t think there has ever been a collection of megalomaniacal political staffers so cynical to run a Canadian campaign before. We’ve heard/read all the stories about the inner mess that was the CPC war room, but this email is just another insight into how terribly corrosive the atmosphere was in that campaign.

    2. Jenni Byrne a hero? I’m sorry, Ms. Byrne, the same of the “barbaric cultural practices tip-line”? Yeah; no. She most definitely is no hero of any sort. That she was the most vocal source of integrity in that email exchange says much more about Ray Novak and others than her.

    3. For the criticisms Trudeau got for the Pacetti and Andrews dismissal, he unequivocally set a precedent that the Conservatives were clearly cognizant of.

    4. Completely forgot about Jerry Bance. Still hilarious.

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    Observant says:

    Psychological studies on politicians reveals they are wired differently than us normal peon. Their priorities are: 1. Power, 2. Money, 3. Sex …. and their sex drive is corrupted by their hunger for power.

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    the salamander horde says:

    .. true.. a WoW journalism blast, contemporizing earlier events with updated events. Its our loss as Canadians if we don’t support or promote such journalism.. investigative reportage. On the flip side though, I don’t believe your average citizen is willing to absorb or measure much of this news.. and form opinion (ie vote accordingly). Do we have the Kardashions to thank for this.. ? Astonishing murders of billionaires? The daily feeding frezies on America’s ridiculous ‘president’ ? What is everone looking at on those everpresent ‘smart’ phones glued to their hands. on the street, buses, subways.. or while driving? Eh ?

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    Luke says:

    Yeah, Jenni Byrne deserves credit here. On the other hand, how sad is it that simply advocating for dissociating with an alleged rapist is grounds for credit? That is the obvious default stance for a person of any moral integrity.

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    Robert White says:

    Harper was a short term thinker that mistakenly thought that this incident would never come back to haunt him, and his unprofessional leadership decision making. He gave Dykstra a pass because the Ottawa Police were not advising the crown to process the complaint, and they were not going to press charges. Harper was opportunist, and that’s why he is embarrassed enough to explain away his rationalizations for allowing Dykstra to run. Harper is always a single track mind that always looks out for Harper first, and his wallet second. Everybody else can just fuck off if one follows Harper’s mindset.

    And not a soul that worked for Harper or the CONS should get any accolades for attempting to bust the HarperCON groupthink that got them all busted in the end.

    God I despise Harper!

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