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Did Patrick Brown scheme to sell off candidate spots?

And did he plot to put the resulting many thousands in his own pocket?

Check out this stunner Globe and Mail story. It is simply incredible. .

Former Ontario Progressive Conservative leader Patrick Brown was in talks to sell an interest in a restaurant he partially owns and some Aeroplan miles for $375,000 to a man who went on to become a Tory candidate, documents show.

An affidavit detailing a deal was sworn five months before Jass Johal was acclaimed as the candidate for the PC Party in a new riding in the suburban 905 region around Toronto. According to a copy of the affidavit shown to The Globe and Mail, Mr. Johal, a paralegal who lives in Brampton, says he agrees to purchase two million Aeroplan miles and an ownership interest in Hooligans restaurant from Mr. Brown for $375,000. “The amount is paid by certified draft from Bank of Nova Scotia,” says the affidavit dated June 11, 2016 and signed by Mr. Johal.

… Other documents The Globe has seen, including bank statements, show that Mr. Brown deposited $375,000 into his personal account at Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce one month after the affidavit was signed, on July 11, 2016. Later that month, property records show he purchased a waterfront house on Lake Simcoe’s Shanty Bay for $2.3-million. He took out a mortgage of $1.72-million from Toronto-Dominion Bank, according to public mortgage documents.

…[Mr. Brown] declined to answer a question about why the amount agreed to in the sworn affidavit was exactly the same as the deposit a month later into his personal account.

Is Patrick Brown a crook?

We shall see. But I know there is one thing he isn’t, and should never be:

A member of the legislature.


  1. Patrick says:

    A $1.72 million mortgage means a payment of over $8k per month or $100k per year.

    This means that Mr. Brown is likely putting most of his after tax salary that he earns as an MPP into his mortgage payments.

  2. Kevin says:

    Brown produced this second affidavit from Johal stating the first affidavit was “void” (the Notary public seems to be related to Johal).


    Assuming the second affidavit is correct , Brown is at least admitting to negotiating this questionable deal whether it went through or not . This alone should be enough to disqualify Brown. Also the G&M have bank records showing exactly $375,000 was deposited to Brown’s bank account sometime after the original deal.

  3. Mohamed Mahdi says:

    I wonder what Brown thought when he decided to rejoin the Ontario PC leadership race last Friday. Did he think that his past was not going to haunt him anymore? Did he think he could get past his past by pretending that he cleared his name and that people were trying to take him down unfairly. I do think he should have not been removed from the PC caucus without caucus support which it does not look like Fedeli got before he kicked him out of the PC caucus last Friday. I do think he should run in the leadership race because the Ontario PC’s might be able to finally get rid of him after the leadership race is over. That is unless the Ontario PC’s are currently devising a plan to remove him from the leadership race without causing to much damage to their party in the short run. Finally, I am not sure how the Ontario PC’s will be able to unite their party and take down Wynne at this point if elements of the party are already fighting with each other like 100 days before the June election.

  4. Bea says:

    I’m glad Brown is no longer leader Ontario PC, and I hope he has no chance to be elected again . After reading your article, I think you need to check relation between Brown and candidate for Windsor , Mohammed Latif . I just wonder why Brown accepted his candidacy if Latif doesn’t live in this riding ,and he is from Toronto. http://windsorstar.com/news/local-news/ontario-pc-leader-patrick-brown-announces-windsor-tecumseh-candidate

  5. Mark Francis says:

    Brown has posted another affidavit on Twitter showing that the deal was rescinded.

  6. the salamander horde says:

    .. once upon a time I thought mr Brown had a sock stuffed with $ under his mattress.. Now I am thinking he has another.. but magic sock that is self filling. I still await the coming of the intrepid journalist who with gather anecdotal recollections of bar and wait staff.. from Ottawa, Hull, Barrie, Wasaga, Jackson Point.. of the teetotal orders.. or pattern. Admission from moi – I was a mediocre waiter, a brilliant bartender.. some 20 – 30 years ago – worked across Canada – yet can easily recall the more or most foolish or idiotic customers we served & size of the bill. This aint brain surgery.. it aint getting astronauts to the moon. Tell me wait staff don’t recall Patrick Brown or Rick Dykstra et al in situ aux bars and I will laugh in your face.. creatures (customers) of habit are just that

  7. Steve says:

    2 million Aeroplan miles is a lot of miles for a GTA MP to earn. Could mean some free international junkets thrown in too. Also, when employer (ie. Parliament) pays for flights and you use your Aeroplan #, that’s a taxable benefit. I wonder if he’s ever claimed those 2 million points as income?

  8. Matt from Ottawa says:

    Alot of it seems fishy, however Im not going to base his expensive house purchase soley on that. Bob Chiarelli purchased a $2 million dollar home a few years ago (he lives the in the court across from my parents) which seems a bit for someone who was a former Ottawa mayor /current MPP. That being said we dont know what his personal finances / business interests that are legitimate are.

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