02.23.2018 07:53 PM

Michael Bate advocates rape

When no less than the Washington Post asked him if it had been right to advocate sexually assaulting Caroline Mulroney, in fact, Bate expressed “no regrets,” quote unquote. The rape “contest” was merely “throwing a pie,” Bate said, and “we hit her.”

And don’t get us started on the Glebe Montessori-cocaine stuff.


  1. Alan Smithee says:

    Paging William C. McDowell!

  2. William C. McDowell represented a doctor charged with two counts of sexual assault. The cased touched on “rape shield laws” and rape crisis counsellor confidentiality.


    “William McDowell, defence lawyer for Thurlow, subpoenaed Wicksted in February to hand over the file she amassed during interviews with a woman who alleges she was sexually assaulted by Thurlow.

    “…the decision is crucial because it allows traumatized victims to talk openly, and in confidence, about their experiences.”

    “I believe that if victims of sexual assault heard that their identity and file information could be accessed by defence counsel, they would no longer feel safe at the Rape Crisis Line. The security and mandate of our services would be lost even if the risk of disclosure of information was minimal. Further, I believe that our agency would very quickly see a dramatic drop in the numbers of victims calling for help as would rape crisis centres throughout the province if it was known that we could not or would not protect confidentiality. The work we have done to create a safe haven for survivors would be lost and the movement to create a non-violent society would suffer tremendously. Without counsellor/client privilege I believe that the Rape Crisis Line and other rape crisis counselling centres would be unable to function.”

    A lower court had ruled that “Counsellors in rape crisis centres have the same right to refuse to give testimony about their clients as lawyers do, a judge ruled yesterday in a precedent-setting case.” Toronto Star; Toronto, Ont. [Toronto, Ont]11 Aug 1993: A2.

    The higher court overturned this particular decision.

    Well done, Will!

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