02.12.2018 03:32 PM

My wife is pretty smart, #onpoli

She predicted this months ago. When Patrick Brown was still leader.

My friends at Campaign Research say she’s on to something.


  1. Matt says:

    Kouvalis is heavily involved with Campaign Research isn’t he?

    Remember what I heard about the take down of Patrick Brown.

  2. Pedant says:

    Patrick Brown is alleging that one of his accusers was romantically involved with one of the CTV journalists that broke the story. He has offered various other counters as well (apparent witnesses backing his version of events, and layout of his apartment making one woman’s account impossible).

    If Brown manages to clear his name in the eyes of the general public and keeps his Barrie seat for the PCs, there will be a very interesting, even unprecedented, dynamic within caucus where you’ll sort of have two leaders present simultaneously.

    • Obvious Sock-puppet #12 says:

      But didn’t Ms. Elliott say, that if Patrick Brown cleared his name (in time), he could enter the current P.C.P.O. leadership race?

      It was a weird thing to say, but that aside, if he won, the issue (problem?) you point out would go away. Maybe.

    • Matt says:

      The new leader would have to sign his nomination papers. After taking over as interm leader Fedeli said he would not sign those papers.

      As for the statement about one of Brown’s accusors having a romantic relationship with one of the CTV journalists who broke the story, it’s been known all along that they did while both worked at The Hill Times. Both their social media accounts were filled with pictures of the two of them together. Either CTV didn’t know the accusor was a friend, and at one time more than friend of one of the people who broke the story or they did know and didn’t inform viewers of the friendship.

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